Dutch Comic Con


On the last weekend of March, also known as the Easter weekend it was time for one of the coolest Cons in the Netherlands. Dutch Comic Con, and I was there. The event took place on Saturday and Sunday but I only went on the first day.

Every time I go to one of these events I’m in awe by all the creations made by fans. It’s so amazing to see what they come up with and how diverse the fandoms are. The whole creative process that goes into creating their perfect cosplay is amazing. You can only look at it with deep respect. Of course there are people who just buy a costume. But the majority is handmade, and that means that they don’t just focus on one creative process it’s often a combination of many different things.

No matter how you look at it, in my opinion cosplay is a form of art. An art form which comes in many different shapes and forms. And it is popular! There is a reason why there seem to be more and more Cons every year and there is even a television show catered to audience who love creating cosplays – Cosplay Melee and of course Face Off even though that one is probably more catered to the professionals. I think that a lot of people learned their craft by watching that show as well. There are whole Youtube channels devoted to the art of making Cosplay props, make-up and designing clothes. Sometimes I watch these channels not because I want to do cosplay but just because I love watching these types of videos. The way people talk about the creation of something with so much passion is always a fun and I often find it’s relaxing as well.

First off all there is the clothes that are often partially of completely hand-made, adjusted in one way or another. No matter what they do with it, there are hours spend on creating that outfit. And then there is the time spend gathering or making the props.

Personally the most brilliant cosplay I came across was a dude who was dressed-up as Carl from The Walking Dead with the inclusion of black angel wings. Which I thought was brilliant looking at the way this character developed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make a picture of him but I did tell him in passing that his cosplay was brilliant.

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