Book 2 – Live Bait by P.J. Tracy


2018_LevendAas‘Live Bait’ is the second book in the Monkeewrench series, and the second book I’m finishing this year in my reading challenge. Though it is technically not the second book I started reading but that has more to do with the backlog in books that I have. I’m trying to read my ebooks only when I’m away from home. So that I finally get through the books I have laying around my apartment and that is why I haven’t finished the other one at this moment.

Monkeewrench introduced a lot of cool characters, they all brought something different to the table – a team of extremely diverse people who work together and all bring their own . And it was kind of a shame that they weren’t really utilized more in this book. We saw glimpses of Grace and a teeny tiny bit of Annie (which is funny if you think about it!) but not much more about anyone else. I really missed them, I liked what they brought to the story. And given that this story is part of the Monkeewrench series and they are Monkeewrench I had expected them to play a bigger and more important part.

Let’s get on with the story. After the events from Monkeewrench 1 the city has been on a murder dryspell and the detectives are bored. But when an elderly man is brutally murdered Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi are in for case which will take much more from them than they ever could have imagined. A case which blurs the line between right and wrong and the way you look at a murderer. When they are called out to the murder of an elderly – very loved by the community – man they can’t imagine what reason anyone can have to kill him. Morey Gilbert is a helpful man, a pilar of the community not someone you’d ever imagine to get murdered. However Morey Gilberts murder is only the first, soon they have more murders on their hands and no real clues as to why these particular people became victims. The only thing which connects the murders is the fact that the three elderly victims are all jewish and have all lived through the war.

It really took me a long time before I grasped what was going on there were so many falls clues and so many potential ways this story could have gone. But what really happened never came to mind until it was quite obvious. And that is what I really liked about this story. It kept me guessing. The line between right and wrong was a very thin one and in a way you can understand why certain people made certain choices. It is one of those stories which makes you think about what drives someone to commit murder and even understand it in a way.

What I like about these books is the way that the characters are all their own person. All of the characters are very well developed, and very natural like regular people. They have their own voice and their own way of looking at things. Which is something that I really admire in a writer or in this case a writer’s duo.

On to the next book – Dead Run!


Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Black Coffee


The company that I work for makes – among other things – band merchandise and both Beth Hart as well as Joe Bonamassa is part of that merchandise that we print. Something which I really like because I’ve been a fan of Beth Hart’s for ages. Someone who I really admire and who will always have a special place in my heart. But truth be told if it hadn’t been for these albums that she made with Joe Bonamassa – his name would not mean all that much to me. I really enjoy the songs that they make together but I honestly couldn’t name one song.

Probably because he’s a blues and rock guitarist who has a huge amount of albums out, under which three studio albums and one live album together with Beth Hart. The first one came out in 2011 ‘Don’t Explain’, followed by ‘Seesaw’ in 2013. In 2014 they recorded a performance at Carré in Amsterdam. And this year on January 26th the album ‘Black Coffee’ came out. Another compilation of old songs performed by this amazing duo.

Give It Everything You Got – The album starts with an awesome guitar solo! LOVE THAT!!! Great song to open album with, very familiar song absolutely love it!
Damn Your Eyes – Originally by Etta James is one of my favorite songs from this album, I love Beth’s voice in this song. Simply beautiful!
Black Coffee – the song which names the album, probably the best song to name this album after.
Lullaby of the Leaves – sounds like a very old song and I know it’s a cover (original 1932) but this recording feels like it was actually recorded back in the 60’s! It has that very classical feel to it. It sounds very much a like the version Ella Fitzgerald made of this song in 1964. It’s not really my cup of tea.
Why Don’t You Do Right – Nice guitar/piano/brass section intro I like it!
Saved – definitely the song with the most swing, this song makes me really happy. Try to sit still while you listen to it, I dare you!
Sitting on Top of the World – For some reason when I read the title of this song I had a completely different song in mind. I’m making a different connection, I still do. There is a really nice guitar solo in this song! Play that air-guitar, you know you want to!
Joy – great song!
Soul on Fire – Love this song! It works really with Beth’s voice, sounds classy. The battle fo favorite song on this album is between this song and ‘Damn you eyes’.
Addicted – another very classy and catchy song, nice way to close the album.

So yes it is the third album they did together and it might not be all that surprising since the concept is still the same, it works and it hasn’t lost it’s charm. Add to that the fact that both Beth as well as Joe have a very steady fanbase and I guess that success is guaranteed. I’ve seen Beth Hart live numerous times, I’ve never had the chance to see Joe Bonamassa if I ever have the chance to see them perform live I will go. I would love to see it.

Maybe they do it again in a couple of years! I’ll be listening to for sure. Give these artists a chance especially when you love soul, blues and rock.

February in hindsight


February flew by, of course it’s a shorter month than the rest of them but still it felt like we went from February first to the twenty eight in a heartbeat. I had plans and ideas but not much came together, I need to be better at this, I want to be better at this. I’m working on it, this post is going up tonight on March first no matter what happens! This is my February in Hindsight post and it is posted on the first day of the new month.

The Lion King

I had a blast this past weekend – the last weekend of February – on Saturday my mom came to visit me and I took her out to a restaurant in the city where we had a really nice meal. The ambiance in De Vooruitgang was just perfect, it looks gorgeous! Followed by a nice evening watching television and talking about stuff.

On Sunday we drove to Scheveningen to go see The Lion King – the musical at the Circus Theater. It was truly a beautiful musical. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far – with Wicked being my absolute number one. The musical is simply beautiful, the costumes and the way the different animals are presented. It’s really pretty! If you’re like me a musical lover you’ll definitively like this one!

Pinkpop 2018

The Pinkpop press conference has taken place and let me tell you the line-up is awesome! So much better than these last couple of years, especially last year was not my cup of tea.  I’m so looking forward to the show, of course there is always that nail biting moment when you’re trying to get the tickets but in the end it turned out to be a lot easier that I had expected it to me. The sale started at ten in the morning and at ten past ten I had paid online for my ticket. That means that I will be able to see Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Editors, Miss Montreal en Jessie J! And that is just a small portion of the bands that I’ll be able to see. I’ve seen the Foo Fighters a couple of times before and they rock! They are so awesome! Pearl Jam is one of those bands which have always had this vibe around them. Probably because of their legendary 1992 performance, the last time they were at Pinkpop was in 2000! That was my first year at Pinkpop, but at the time I can’t remember if I’ve seen them. I probably did, but I can’t recall it. I always wanted to see Jessie J live! And now I have a chance to see her perform. There is so much more to see and hear. I need to check out the Pinkpop Spotify playlist.

Reading and writing

I’m still working on that second book in the Monkeewrench series, the book is so interesting! I am about half way through it and I literally have no idea where this story is going. The storyline is all over the place, and so far except for some of the same character there has barely been any connection to Monkeewrench. So I guess that once they become involved in the storyline things will become clearer. This storyline is different than any other book I’ve ever read. Interesting book though, a book like this makes me curious and I want to know where this is going.

This is only the first post I’ll be making in the month of March, I still have some stuff up my sleeve. Soon another post will follow, about an album which came out a couple of weeks ago.

Looking ahead:

  • Pinkpop!!!! I didn’t go to Pinkpop last year and the year before that I only went one day. But this year I’m going for three whole days. I can’t wait!
  • I’m meeting my vacation friends again, up for another fun day the first weekend of March.