Concert: MMMBop

Nineteen ninety seven – the year of Hanson … or at least the year of their first album, their first single and the first time they became famous all around the globe. It’s funny how that first impression is everlasting. Nineteen ninety seven is a whopping 17 years behind us and still everyone in the world has this image of three blond long-haired boys in their heads when they hear the word MMMBop. But in case that you’re younger than I am or if you can’t recall that song here’s a video.

And now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about Hanson … or the year 1997 for that matter. Easy, that’s because I’ve finally got to see them live in concert. And now I know that most people are not aware of the fact that Hanson is still making music I can tell that they are. Since 1997 they have grown up quite a lot and they made six studio albums (Middle of Nowhere – 1997/This Time Around – 2000/Underneath – 2004/The Walk – 2007/Shout It Out – 2010/Anthem – 2013), they all got married and all have a couple of kids. They do a lot of charity work, constantly coming up with ways to help the less fortunate people in this world. And still when you say the name Hanson everyone sees those little kids in that video … and that just shows how hard it is to overcome a first impression.

I had to wait 17 years for it but I’m finally able to say that I’ve seen them perform a whole show. Two years ago they were added to Pinkpop as the last band and while I was really happy that I would be able to finally see them I still wanted to see a whole concert. Pinkpop performances are in general about 45 minutes long and it’s different, it’s more like a sneak preview of the whole show. Hanson has been in the Netherlands quite a few times before but for some reason I was never able to attend. And now I finally have.

I know that me saying that they were awesome won’t change your mind. And you probably see those boys but believe me we’ve all gotten older and seeing them – these men – perform MMMBop on stage makes you even more aware of that fact. But that can’t change the way I feel about them. I love their music and while some may call their songs a guilty pleasure. I dare to shout it out loud, I love Hanson. I love their music, I love their songs, I love their voices and I love the way they give the fans everything on stage. They gave us the perfect balance of new and old songs. Everyone got their time to shine and they did a perfect acapella song. They did some toned down nummers and some real jump up and down and scream it out kind of songs. They really did find the perfect balance.

They made us a promise, they will come back if we promised that we would come back to see them. And that is a promise I intend to keep.

Here is a link to some amazing pictures from last night’s concert.

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