Book 8 – The Circle by Dave Eggers

I read this book in Dutch and I still can’t get over how strange it is to read books in Dutch. Now you must know that I have been reading books in English since I was about thirteen years old. For the longest time I haven’t read any books in Dutch, but lately I sometimes choose to read a book in my mother tongue. But it’s specific books, I refuse to read a book like ‘The Hunger Games’ in Dutch because the translation of young adult books and children’s books often aren’t that good in my opinion. With a book like ‘The Circle’ that is less of a problem.

A while back when ‘The Circle’ came out in the movie theaters with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson I was intrigued. It is one of those story lines which if you start to think about it won’t let you go. The implications made in the movie trailer were enough for me to get me thinking and I wanted to know more. I guess I was always a little naive when it comes to my online privacy. No, scratch that, that is not true, naive is probably not the right word because that sounds really negative and kind of dumb. What I mean is that whenever they say in the news that our email is being checked and that our phone calls, text messages or our online searches are being checked that never really bothered me. I mean, have fun with my online searches! I guess my searches are quite peculiar and maybe – no I’m sure they are questionable for someone who doesn’t know me. But I am a writer so that isn’t really a surprise. My mail and my text messages are not all that interesting, I’m pretty sure other people have way more interesting mail than I have. That is why it never really bothered me.

Privacy is extremely important and it seems that our privacy is being more invaded literally everyday. And when you read this book it gets you thinking about where you stand and what you want to keep private. And what is important to you.

On one hand what happens in The Circle seems far fetched, but let’s be honest here. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have a pretty big share of the market and I guess that The Circle is a fictive combination of all of those companies. And they are trying to become even bigger – worldwide and every person. What they want is to take over every single transaction and interaction on the internet, every way of communication and they want everyone to be transparent.

Mae Holland is young and ambitious and with the help of her best friend she gets a job at The Circle, the worlds most advanced and powerful internet company. A job which everyone wants. Being part of The Circle means that you are with the in-crowd and that you belong to the people who are at the forefront of new discoveries and technologies.
Mae starts at the absolute bottom of the company but soon she’s is getting more and more sucked into a world where everything is measured and where the only numbers that count are the ratings you receive and how high you rank among your peers. She gets isolated from her normal life, she’s starting to disconnect from her family and only engages in events run by The Circle.

It becomes and even more worrisome situation when she becomes the first ‘Circler’ to go transparent – previously a couple of politicians became transparent. Which means that she’s constantly wearing a camera around her neck. And everything in her life is being filmed, every conversation, every situation, literally everything. The only time she’s allowed to mute the sound is when she’s in the bathroom or take it off when she’s in bed. So literally no conversation is genuine anymore, everyone knows that they are being filmed whenever they are in her proximity. However The Circle tries to make it look like they want the world to become a better place by throwing everything out in the open. They want to use the camera’s as a way to eradicate crime and dishonesty by politicians. They believe that this is the way to make the world a better place, but is it really?

Mae is naive, she allows all of it to happen without really questioning the implications of her actions. And that doesn’t feel real. The Circle has added her parents to their insurance because Mae’s father needs medical attention. Very expensive medical attention which their regular insurance didn’t cover. And I guess that is why in the beginning Mae goes along with everything they ‘suggest’. She’s probably afraid that her father’s medical help will be in danger or even be stopped completely if she doesn’t go along with The Circle’s plans. And if that happens, his health will deteriorate. But there is hardly any suggestion in the book that she feels that way. Even when Mae’s parents break contact with her because of all the camera’s she just leaves them and when she doesn’t hear from them she doesn’t even try to contact her parents. This continues on and around Mae more and more lives get destroyed and still there is hardly a reaction. There is no conflict in Mae, the only thing she seems to worry about is a guy, a very cliche mysterious guy who seems to appear and disappear when ever it is convenient.

The book is good, it definitely gets you thinking at the same time though it is the type of book which is really easy to read. Sometimes a little bit too easy in my opinion. There is no real challenge in reading the book. However I do think that it makes the book better readable for a bigger audience. And in this case I think it’s good that it is so easy to read because more people might pick the book up and read it. And in the end it could get them thinking about their own internet safety. And I think that is the real reason why this book was written.



Nanowrimo – the last weekend


So, the last weekend of the month is upon us. It’s unbelievable that we’re already at this point! It really flew by, even faster than other years if you ask me. Originally I had planned a weekend away for this weekend so there would be no writing for me. But that unfortunately had to be postponed most likely to February or March of next year.

So I’m home instead of away, I also asked an extra day of on Monday because I wouldn’t be home. Of course since my original plan didn’t go through I made other plans, but it also means that I have time to write at least something during this weekend. Which would have been next to impossible if it all came down to my weekend away. But still I have a lot of writing to do and not nearly enough time to do it. And of course there are other things I need to do. We have a huge time pressured assignment at work which needs to be done so this following week is probably going to be full of work as well and probably overtime. We’ll see what happens, I can’t predict the future. But I know that it will be a busy month ahead. In fact I’m actually surprised that I got Monday off. When I asked it, I hoped I would get it but I didn’t actually believe that I would.

Anyway, lets get back to the writing that is still ahead of me. I’m so pumped right now, I’ve gotten so much further than I expected. I want to do my best, I always do. Honestly that really is all I can do. We’ll see how I get through this weekend and eventually on Thursday we’ll see what the final word count of the month is going to be. I still have a couple of blog posts in the making for this month. They will be up in the next couple of days. And I’m working on a couple of different short stories. That is going really well at the moment. Something which I’m really proud off. It has been such a long time since I have been able to express myself in a creative writing manner. It feels so good to do so.


For me this month has been all about dialog? I already talked about my love for dialog in the post about the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy. To me it’s what makes a story good. I want to read or hear earnest talks between people. It doesn’t have to be cheesy but it has to be genuine at least. And that is what I have been focusing on. Most of the short stories I have been working on have a large portion of dialog in them. One of them I even wrote 95 % of the dialog on one day and then I rewrote the piece the next day by adding in all of the details. The story is called ‘The argument’ and the first version is 500 words long, the rewrite is about 1300 words long. I only made small changes to the dialog in the second version – added or left some words out. But the added details fleshed the story out, made it stronger. I really liked the exercise and it helped me out a lot. I think that putting the focus on the dialog first made it a stronger story in the end. The story I wanted to tell was clear from the dialog alone – and I could have left it like that. Besides that if you don’t have to think of the dialog adding the details goes much easier as well. The second time around you can make the setting stronger by adding in details, displays of affection or any other emotion by adding touches, specific movements or actions to your characters. It’s all about action / reaction that makes it all stronger. So for now at this moment this is what works for me and I’ll continue to use it for now.

Will it work for you? Maybe it will, however it might also not work at all for you. I don’t know, I can’t tell anyone how to write. There are so many different ways to go through the process. Everyone has their own way of writing that story and we all need to find it for ourselves. However trying out different things might help you just like it helped me and that is the reason why I’m posting this here. Writing is not something that is easy for me. Not by a long shot, especially not these last couple of years. I’ve had my struggles and I know that I’m not the only one that has them. That is basically why I set up this blog. It is a way for me to continue writing. To push myself to do what I love and to not give up on it. And eventually to become a better writer.

Next to finding what works for me I have also tried to change the scenery. Whenever I’m home, alone. I noticed that I get easily distracted and sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Whenever that happens I try to go somewhere else, often I go to the Library. It is one of my favorite places to write. I like the hustle and bustle of it all. They call it the ‘living room of the city’ and that really is what it feels like. Even though it is a big and industrial building they have managed the give it a really small and comfortable vibe. And that is why I spend a lot of my time off there. Just this Friday (all the Friday’s in November) I was there and now on Saturday the clock has barely past two in the afternoon and I’m here again. This time alone, yesterday with the Epic Blue Unicorns I managed to write less than 200 words. That didn’t really help my word count at all. I was just really tired and we had some conversations which required my attention. And by the time I got home it was already nine thirty and after spending some time on my phone with my mom I was too tired to make any type of coherent sentences or accumulate a word count. So I’m hoping that at least today I can do some catching up.

By the end of Saturday upped my word count to 30 203 words. On Sunday I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do some writing because my parents came over and we had a day out planned. My parents stayed the night and during Monday we had some plans to go shopping – early Christmas shopping. Not really that early … but you know what I mean. And now it’s Monday evening, the 27th and I have three days left and my total word count is 31 809.

Did you reach the 50K?

Did you reach the 50K already, congrats to you. That is a huge amount of words and you should be proud. However there is also something I want to say if you haven’t reached the 50k and if you might not even make it there. One thing I want to say and I have said this before but I’m going to say it once again and I hope that every participant in Nanowrimo takes this to heart. Nanowrimo is a commitment to write 50 000 in a months time to get that novel started. And while we pledge to get those 50 000 words written there is no shame at all if you don’t reach that goal. In fact you should be damn proud because no matter what happens you sat down and started writing. Whether you wrote 5000, 10 000, 50 000 or even a 100 000 words. No matter how many words you’ve written or whether you reached the goal of 50k be proud. Be damn proud of yourself! And whatever you do keep writing and feel blessed that you have this creativity. It’s quite something, remember that and don’t allow anyone to tell you something different! Writing is heard enough and until you sit down and do it you have no idea.

Just remember that, 50 000 is a number – something to reach for – but writing a story is what it really is about. And a story can be short or it can be long, it all depends on the type of stories your writing.

Celebrating every milestone!

Celebrate every milestone small or big. It is one step closer to your goal. I’m currently celebrating that I reached the 30 000 words during this past weekend. It’s nowhere near the 50k but that is no reason not to celebrate.

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma


I’ve been lucky enough to see P!nk perform live a couple of years ago at Pinkpop. She brought a full show, all the bells and whistles it was during the Fun House Tour. Do I need to say more, she literally brought the whole circus! And I absolutely loved it! She’s an amazing performer, who always goes the extra mile. In this case for one song at a festival I might add they brought the whole trapeze act just so she could fly above the crowd! And so they could drop her down to about half a meter above the crowd while she sang ‘You let me fall!’. Can you imagine the crowd? We went nuts! I had seen many, many, many performances during Pinkpop, Parkpop and several other festivals but I had never seen a show as elaborated as this. Not even when I went to a concert. It was truly awesome! And P!nk’s performance is right up there at the top of my list of favorite performances I’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s a huge stadium show or a one song performance at an award show – she’s performing to the max. But she’s also a great singer/songwriter. She has written many songs over the last two decades not only for herself but also for others. For instance for Cher, Celine Dion, Mya and for Adam Lambert among others. P!nk doesn’t shy away from writing songs with a deeper meaning. For instance ‘Dear Mr. President’ which she wrote as an open letter to George W. Bush about the problems in the world when he was the President of the United States. Maybe she should write and updated version of the song to President Trump, but I’ll doubt it’ll do anything to change his mind.

I guess that many of P!nk’s songs have a certain element in them which a lot of people can recognize themselves in or at least relate to. Whether it is the song ‘Family Portrait’ about parents who fight and eventually get a divorce and how the kids get caught in the middle. I’m sure a lot of kids can identify with that feeling.

Stupid Girls’ is another one of those songs, she’s singing about how most girls are more worried about the way they look than they are about education and how they are perceived by the world around them. At the time it seemed as if she might have been specifically targeting Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. P!nk has always said that she was not targeting anyone specific. But with the examples she used in the song and in the video clip it is not really all that surprising that these are the names everyone came up with at the time because they were exactly who P!nk was talking about.

Just Give Me A Reason’ is the duet P!nk did with Nate Ruess from the band Fun. She actually had to trick him into doing the collaboration. When he sang the song it was only going to demo it, but P!nk convinced him that it had to be a conversation between two lovers. That the song had to show the two perspectives between lovers. Eventually he gave in even though he wasn’t too sure about doing a duet. It became one of the biggest hits. Everyone who has ever been in a relationship will recognize what they are singing about.

Beautiful Trauma is the seventh studio album which P!nk released.
Revenge the song with Eminem – such a funny song, I really like it. It sounds like one of the older songs which Pink made in the past. One of those songs that shouldn’t be taken to seriously but still has a point. And then Eminem comes in, it has been a while since we heard him on a record. At least I haven’t heard him in a while, he tries hard but he’s not that angry Eminem he used to be back in the days.
What About Us – If you can write a song which receives this much airplay on the radio and after weeks and weeks of playing it the song still sounds good and doesn’t annoy in the least bit then you know you got a true gem in your hands. ‘What About Us’ is one of those songs. In fact it’s one of those songs which just keeps getting better and better with time.
Barbies this song sounds familiar to me, it sounds like another P!nk song but I can’t put my finger on which song. Maybe I’ll figure it out one day, but for now it just sounds familiar.
For Now, I really love this song! It’s awesome! So beautiful!
Secrets is one of those song which really make me feel happy, there is a night beat in this song – it’s one of those up-tempo songs.
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken another gem in my opinion.
You Get My Love a beautiful ballad, which really shows the singing qualities that P!nk possesses. She doesn’t have the best voice in the world or the biggest range but that is what I love about a voice.

P!nk is someone who deserves respect, because she’s an all-round artist who goes all the way when it comes to her music. I love her voice, her writing and composing of the songs and her performances are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. And I have seen quite some live shows by a very wide gamma of artists and bands, so I think that I can definitely give my opinion when it comes to performances. If you have a chance to see her perform life, do it. You won’t regret it! I guarantee it. She’s extremely driven and talented.

She has been at the top for at least the last seventeen years and I hope that she’ll be around for many more years. I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for P!nk.

November 23th – One week left


There is only one more week left in November, one more week of Nanowrimo. And well I think it’s not really going that well. At least according to the numbers it isn’t going too well. Like I said before I didn’t really believe that I would get anywhere near the word count. However I must admit that I’ve gotten a whole lot further than I had expected before the month started. There is no way to make an accurate estimate when you have no idea what you’ll be writing. The only thing I was sure of was that I would be writing blog posts but even those I hadn’t thought of before the month started. I could have done that prepared myself in some way, but I honestly didn’t know what to do. It was as if I had literally no inspiration at all.

I knew I would be doing a ‘Oktober in Hindsight’ post and I hoped that there would be a book review before the end of the month – which I’m still working on, there is a little bit more I to read to finish the book and the review. And I was going to write some updates on Nano of course, because I wanted to log the progress I’m making and I just have to tell you all about our wonderful meetings with our writers group at the Library or the Ikea or whatever other place we can come up with. But other than that I had no real ideas. I was just hoping that I would get some inspiration for other posts as the month continued on.

And I obviously did because I managed to write quite a lot of words, 27 500 words so far. Which is certainly a number that I didn’t expect to reach. And I’m happy with what I did so far and I’m not done. I am never giving up, but the end is still very far away.


November 17 – 19th the weekend update


This past weekend was going really well, when it comes to writing. I am so happy, one of the other Epic Blue Unicorns gave me a superb idea for one of my shorts stories. Last Sunday we had our Ikea meet and one the way back to the city I brought one of the new EBU with me to drop her off at the Station. And we were talking about our stories. She’s writing a science fiction story which is completely different from anything I’m writing. Since I’ve been writing short stories – most of them really short – I only really had one story to talk about the one I was struggling with, the longest of the short stories. The basic concept of the story is that a young girl becomes the guardian angel of her best friend and not a very good one at that!

I wanted the story to get a sort of build-up – because there were some things I wanted to explain without jumping right into it. I felt like it should have been a 5000 word story, when I started. But I was stuck at about a thousand words and that was more or less the introduction of what happened and how the young girl becomes the guardian angel to her best friend.

So we were talking about this and apparently it was still playing on her mind because she send me a PM on the Nanowrimo website. However I’d been so busy with work and writing that I didn’t check the messages. I mean I noticed the number of messages at the top of the page but I figured it was just the regular Nanomails – I don’t really read them, I have to admit. I continued writing more blog posts and short stories and this particular story was still on the back-burner. I knew I wanted to write more because it’s a fun story to write, I just didn’t find the right way to do so yet and I was still thinking of a way to achieve that goal.

Friday at the end of our Nanomeet at the Library she asked me whether I had read her mail and if I could do something with it. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about and I apologized profusely because I simply didn’t see the mail. She only asked me this as we were walking outside so I couldn’t check at that moment so I promised I would read it as soon as I got home. When I read the mail, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. What she wrote me was a perfect fit for the story. I can surely implement it and I will, I’ll of course cater it to my story but to my fellow Epic Blue Unicorn it will still be obvious where the idea comes from. I send her a message back, thanking her for what she wrote me and that I’m going to use it because it simply is perfect for this story.

Right now I managed to get the short story from about a 1000 words to 3500 words and I am still not finished with it. In fact I haven’t even started on the part that she gave me. At this point I’m working on the build-up to the moment where I can add the idea into the story. Right now I’m thinking the actual story might eventually be about 7000 or 8000 words before I’m done with it. We’ll see, I’m just really glad that I found the prompt that inspired the story. I’ve really missed this, just getting everything out on paper or well Scrivener in this case. It feels good.

So the writing at this point is going really well. Much better than I have been doing the rest of the month. It still remains to be seen whether I can actually make it to 50 000 but for now I’m doing good. And I’m happy with the progress I’m making on my writing just this weekend I managed to write about 3800 words and the weekend is still a long way from over.

I’ve reached 24 000 words this weekend, and I’m glad I did. According to the stats I should have been at or around 31 666 so I’m about 7000 words behind. That is still a pretty large gap, I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again I will most likely not make it 50 000 words but that’s okay. I feel good about my writing and that is so much more important to me than winning at this point. In fact I already feel like a winner just for the simple fact that I’m writing creative stories. I finished this weekend with a total of almost 5000 words.

Music and writing

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately, I want to write more and I have been trying to find ways to do so. I want to write about things that I like and I’ve always liked music but I write maybe three concert reviews a year and that is not a lot. So I decided that I wanted to do something else with my love for music. And I’m going to do that by reviewing the music I’ve been listening to it might be a good way to get some more attention for certain artists who could use some exposure. My first review was of The Corrs’ new album ‘Jupiter Calling’ and the second is a singer/songwriter who really doesn’t need my help in that department but someone who I really like.

This is something new I’m going to try out, we’ll see how that goes.

The Corrs – Jupiter Calling


A long time ago when we were still buying Cd’s at our local music store I would be first in the store whenever a new album of The Corrs came out. I’ve always loved their music and for as long as I can remember. When everyone else was loving hardcore and trance I was loving The Corrs with their violins, thin whistles and the bodhrán. Which was definitely something else. I don’t know why but that type of music just spoke to me. It was the year 1996 when I first came into contact with the music, I was twelve or thirteen. And this was something I hadn’t heard before. The music really changed me, it was the first music that I liked which not a whole lot of people my age agreed upon. You grow up listening to that typical kids music and around the age of eleven, twelve you start to hear other music being played you start to form your own likes and dislikes. In my case I started to understand what music was about and English became something I was interested in and I wanted to know what songs were about. I became interested in the thoughts behind the music. And The Corrs really were that first band that I loved for that reason. I really like music in general, my taste in music has always been eclectic but for some reason I’ve always been a bigger fan of the lesser known music. I often love the songs that will never become the singles and that might be a strange thing to say when you call yourself a fan.

But with The Corrs that became even clearer. Whenever I heard an album for the first time I could always immediately tell which songs were going to be the singles because those were the ones I liked the least. The songs which I loved have never been any of the singles – not a single one of them. So it has been twenty years since I first heard of The Corrs and they have had quite some time off. White Light has been released merely two years ago, the last studio album before that was in 2005 named Home. White Light, was an awesome album as well, but I hadn’t really heard much from them lately. So much to my surprise I started receiving messages on my Facebook and my Twitter account a couple of weeks ago about a new upcoming album by The Corrs, I honestly had no idea that they were making an album it has been so quiet for so long around them that I simply didn’t expect any albums for the foreseeable future. Especially since their last album was only two years old. And Andrea had claimed that they wouldn’t be making a new album anytime soon. So The Corrs hadn’t really been on my mind, except for their songs whenever they start playing on my speakers in my home or car. Which happens quite often because they are always on my Spotify play-lists and on my usb-stick in my car radio together with songs by Beth Hart and Hanson. Those three bands are always on my music lists. I love their music, always have – always will simple as that.

I really love the new album which came out earlier this month, I think it’s exceptionally good and I am really enjoying myself with it. I’ve listened to it multiple times now on Spotify. And I love it! This album is catered to me, I love all the songs while others might find it a boring record because there are no ultra poppy songs on it and that really made me happy. These songs are where their strength is, they are musicians! They should make music with their instruments and write songs from their heart not trying to be something they are not just because it is what’s popular at that moment. I guess from a commercial standpoint it would probably be better to have that popular song – that huge hit to make sure that you’re up their with the best. But from a true fans standpoint – namely me – those weren’t needed. And that is why I love this album. I feel like the songs are from their hearts. And some songs really feel like the old ‘Corrs’ songs which I loved so much. I really hope they are going to do another tour I will certainly be one of the people who will see them perform live. I have to see them.

Some facts about the new album

Jupiter Calling is the seventh studio album, and it was produced by T Bone Burnett – who is a long time singer, songwriter and producer who has previously worked with Elvis Costello, Tony Bennett and Roy Orbison among many others. He’s also made music for movies, for instance for The Hunger Games (which is one of my favorite movies).

Son of Solomon, the opening song of the album and the first official single. It was released on September 21st. The video made for the song was recorded and edited by Andrea while they were recording the song for the album. The song is very raw and fragile, a side of The Corrs which I absolutely love – there is something mysterious about this song.
Bulletproof Love – If we let love win, let love rule the world. We will be bulletproof. For some reason I really like those lyrics. It seems to be a good solution for all the problems in the world nowadays. Just allow everyone to be who they want to be, believe in what they believe and just be kind to one another. That’s all you need. Not everyone needs to have the same ideas. Don’t hate on each other.
SOS (Song of Syria) is the most politically outspoken song The Corrs has ever produced and was also released as a single on September 29th. It’s obviously a song about Syria. An outcry to help the innocent people in a war infested country.
No Go Baby feels like a very personal song, I don’t know if it is. Of course it doesn’t have to be personal but it sure feels like it. It’s a heartfelt song about the loss of a pregnancy.
Live before I die, this song seems to be opening up to a whole new level of emotion – such a beautiful song! It
The Sun and the moon, a beautiful slow song the perfect ending to a beautiful album.

Other songs on the album include Chasing Shadow, Road to Eden, Butter Flutter, Dear Life, Hit my ground running, A Love Divine and Season of our Love.

Throughout this whole album Andrea’s voice sounds fragile, about to break. I don’t know why but I love it – it sounds pure and honest. There is something raw and emotional in her voice. Well I love Beth Hart so I love raw and emotional voices. But this sounds ‘new’ for Andrea’s voice (at least I never really noticed it before, not in this way at least) but I honestly love her voice even more than I did before.

The thing I really like about this album is the fact that they created it together in a studio playing the tracks live and that essentially became the album. I know that Beth Hart creates her Cd’s in the same manor as does Hanson. All of them are really strong live performers and I have always thought that The Corrs is a stronger live band than they are a studio band. They don’t need special effects to polish their voice or all of those sound effects. If an album is created this way it gives the songs a depth which is different from a full studio album where every line and sound is recorded separately. I find it difficult to explain what I mean. But if an album is created in a full studio rather than every performer, instrument and sound on their own it feels like the songs have more feel to them – truer to nature. The songs are more layered, and therefor to me they sounds warmer and they have more depth. It’s comparable to the Unplugged album they did years ago – sans the audience of course. That literally is the way they recorded this album. I was surprised to say the least when I heard that this was the first time they recorded an album this way. Since they do just about everything themselves from writing and composing the songs to playing the instruments and of course the singing I kind of expected that this would be a natural process for them. But apparently they didn’t do it before.

I know the album is getting mixed reviews but I think it is filled with songs that only The Corrs can make. Typical songs, the type of songs a fan like me fell in love with and what sets them apart from other bands. And if a critic doesn’t like that, that probably has more to do with what’s popular and what is supposed to be good. Yes, I’m a fan. But I can be critical of The Corrs as well, I sure don’t like every song they ever made in fact I absolutely despise ‘Breathless’ which is probably their biggest hit ever. And I can name a few more examples. However Jupiter Calling has pure gems on it.

I really hope that The Corrs will do a new tour next year we need to see them perform again. I need to see them perform again it has been way too long.


Nanowrimo the halfway point


It’s hard to believe, we’re already at the halfway point of the month. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess … a little bit too hard however if you ask me. The weeks have been flying by faster and faster and I feel like I’m missing out on so much. Maybe that’s just me or maybe more people have been affected by it. I constantly feel like there aren’t quite enough hours in a day. And with working full time and writing in the evenings my day seems so packed.

Writing-wise I can say that I am way behind on the schedule but I’ve been doing better. Anyway there is a schedule provided by Nanowrimo and there is my schedule and those two have never been quite the same in all of these years that I’ve been participating. So at this point I can still say that I’m not worried but I guess that’s not all that surprising. I mean why would I be worried. If I don’t make it to 50 000 words by the end of this month there is no man overboard, it doesn’t really matter.

I guess that it’s more difficult for me to reach 50 000 words because I’m not writing a new novel or one big story but rather short stories and blog posts. Therefor the writing process is different, since you write shorter pieces and then you have to come up with your next idea to write about. But I think that I’ve been doing pretty good especially considering how little I’ve been writing these last couple of months. And creative writing was really something that I’ve not been doing at all. So the fact that I have been writing a couple of short stories has been a huge relief for me. Creative writing has always been a huge part of my life but since I’ve been struggling so much I have also been feeling extremely blocked at the same time and that doesn’t help at all.

These past couple of days I’ve written a couple of short stories based on different prompts ranging from 300 words to 1500 and the one with 1500 words is still a work in progress so that’ll be longer. I guess around 5000 words in total – we’ll see where it ends. Right now every word written is a word more than I had at the beginning of this month and that surely makes me happy.

So what have I been writing this past half of the month?

First of all there are my blog posts related to Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo 2017 – a little look ahead to November. Nanowrimo kick-off write in – our writer’s groups first write in of this years November and of course my review of the first week. Of course I wrote a review on how my first week of Nanowrimo went, and I told you all how I tell stories.  There was another Nanowrimo update and my post about our yearly Nanowrimo the Ikea meet.

And I’ve written some other posts which I felt like sharing with you all. Of course there is my monthly review October in hindsight. This time it was followed by 300 times Grey’s Anatomy about one of my favorite television shows and the amazing way these episodes – all three hundred of them – have been written. Furthermore I’ve written two posts about Glow, this one – explaining what it is and the history behind it. Followed a second post about the actual Glow review.

I wrote a short story called ‘Death Day’ – based on a prompt I’d read a while ago which I really liked. At birth everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm. You were supposed to die yesterday. I now wrote one story, but I’m thinking of writing a few more based on this prompt because it has potential for more. The story that I wrote so far is one way to look at the situation.

The second story is a funny story about taking ‘A Hike’, where nothing is what it seems. It’s a really short story but it was fun to write.

The third short story is called ‘The argument’ and I started writing the story purely based on dialog. I let it rest for a day or so and then rewrote the same story but added in all the details without adapting the dialog I already wrote and I think I succeeded. That was a fun exercise to do! I think I might do that more often. In fact I wrote that after I wrote blog about Grey’s Anatomy. I definitely tried to write a strong dialog scene – like the scenes I admire so much on Grey’s.

At this moment I’m working on two new blog posts, one is the first part of a book review but I’m still reading the book and that is also the reason why I haven’t finished it yet. And I wrote a blog about #MeToo, but I’m unsure whether I will ever post it.

There are a couple of other things I’m working on. But those aren’t done yet.