General disclaimer

I don’t own anything except for my own imagination and creativity! And that is one of my most valued possessions.

Every word written on this page was written by me, unless stated differently. On occasion I have used song lyrics in my stories. If I did there will be a mention in the story notes regarding the songs that I used.

Since I, in my opinion, put more then enough warnings on my website before you enter a femmeslash/slash or high rated story I do not feel responsible if you read anything you might not want to read. I always rate my stories higher due to femmeslash and the problems that some people might have to that kind of content.

If however you do find yourself lost on my blog and have a problem with that kind of content now would be a good time to turn around and leave.

I do not own or lay claim to any of the characters, settings or story-line’s displayed on the shows, movies or books that have been featured in my fics. I am not in any way affiliated to any of these shows. I am merely a fan who loves to write.


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