Once Upon A Time


Recently I’ve started my one month free subscription to Netflix and I have to say I love it. For the longest time I tried to stay away from it because I can be somewhat obsessive with these type of things. In all honesty I bench watched television shows before there was a name for it. So knowing myself I thought that I would be better off not having Netflix at my fingertips. But now I have and the first show I watched was ‘Once Upon A Time’. Mind you I did watch it, Once Upon a Time (pun intended) but when they stopped airing it on television here in the Netherlands I stopped so I was pretty far behind.

However that show is so good, the characters are sublime. Especially when they switch from their fairy tale character to the regular character. I was intrigued when I saw the announcement for the show – way back when. Bringing fairy tales into today’s world sounded like an awesome idea. Especially since I’ve always liked that idea, I was even thinking of doing a modern version of a fairy tale for Nanowrimo that particular year. But then Once Upon A Time started in September and I wasn’t able to stop myself I had to watch this show. And therefor I threw that writing idea right out of the window especially since I fell in love with some of the characters – namely Regina and Emma and I knew that no matter what I tried to write it would become Femmeslash fanfiction.

I’ve now finally been able to watch all six seasons of it and I love it, still I do. But I am afraid that I could have done without those last couple of minutes of the sixth season finale. If they had cut the show off right after that look into the future with the Charmings living happily ever after, Emma and Hook married and Regina finally being called the Queen in a positive manner. And of course Belle and Gold dancing together to that oh so well known song from Beauty & the Beast.

I mean, really wasn’t that all we ever wanted to see a happy ending for all of the fairy tale characters. And the worlds that have been destroyed when Emma lost her faith during the final battle have been restored from Wonderland to Neverland and from Arendelle to Oz. And even the Evil Queen got her happy ending and a new adventure with Robin Hood!

But then they added those last few minutes! And I’m sitting here and all I can think is why? Why? I mean I knew that there was going to be seventh season and I also know that a lot of people aren’t returning.

Why oh why

I know myself, I’m going to watch the seventh season – even if it is just to find out if my assumptions, the ones that I have right at this moment are going to be true. I need to see it for myself.

How can I not worry about the seventh season when I know that a lot of the regular characters are not coming back or only as a guest role. I mean there is no Snow White, no Prince Charming, no Emma Swan (only as a guest star), no Belle (only as a guest star), no Zelena (she will only be a recurring star) and Henry has been replaced by an much older actor. As a fan from the start I can only worry until I actually see it. And right now the seventh season is not available to me, I have no idea when we will get it on Netflix. Once it is though I will be watching it and I hope with all my heart that my fear is not coming true.

I often wonder why they can’t stop a show at it’s peak, why do they always have to drag it on. On one hand I’m wondering why they can’t stop at the top, however I am one of those people who feed this kind of behavior. By the simple fact that I continue watching the shows. Let’s face it most shows keep adding seasons, why? Simple, because we keep watching them and it generates money – lots of money. I’m not saying that all shows loose their appeal but some certainly do.

And while I keep watching them I have to admit that it’s sometimes really hard to do so. A really good example is Glee, I loved the singing (I really have a weak spot for musicals) but they should have finished long before they did. Charmed is another one of those shows, loved it but it continued way too long. Bones, CSI (plus the spin offs), the Law & Order franchise, ER and the X Files are all shows which ran out of steam long before they stopped or should have stopped. I guess with The X Files they gave it another boost with the new seasons. Law & Order SVU is still running pretty strong, I mean I still watch it but I can imagine that a lot of people have given up already. Especially since most of the original cast have been replaced several times over. And the list continues on.

On the other hand there are also shows that never really got a chance. For instance Firefly – yes, I am one of those people who still thinks after all of these years that this show never got the chance it deserved. And I think that’s a shame, however the show got a cult-status right now something which it might have never gotten if they just kept going on and on.

In conclusion I guess it’s fair to say that there is a fine line between the top and that slippery slope. But once you’re over the top there is no turning back. I really hope I’m wrong when it comes to Once Upon A Time.

Do you have a favorite show? Or know of one that should have stopped a long time ago or one that didn’t get a chance. Let me know.