The Corrs – Jupiter Calling


A long time ago when we were still buying Cd’s at our local music store I would be first in the store whenever a new album of The Corrs came out. I’ve always loved their music and for as long as I can remember. When everyone else was loving hardcore and trance I was loving The Corrs with their violins, thin whistles and the bodhrán. Which was definitely something else. I don’t know why but that type of music just spoke to me. It was the year 1996 when I first came into contact with the music, I was twelve or thirteen. And this was something I hadn’t heard before. The music really changed me, it was the first music that I liked which not a whole lot of people my age agreed upon. You grow up listening to that typical kids music and around the age of eleven, twelve you start to hear other music being played you start to form your own likes and dislikes. In my case I started to understand what music was about and English became something I was interested in and I wanted to know what songs were about. I became interested in the thoughts behind the music. And The Corrs really were that first band that I loved for that reason. I really like music in general, my taste in music has always been eclectic but for some reason I’ve always been a bigger fan of the lesser known music. I often love the songs that will never become the singles and that might be a strange thing to say when you call yourself a fan.

But with The Corrs that became even clearer. Whenever I heard an album for the first time I could always immediately tell which songs were going to be the singles because those were the ones I liked the least. The songs which I loved have never been any of the singles – not a single one of them. So it has been twenty years since I first heard of The Corrs and they have had quite some time off. White Light has been released merely two years ago, the last studio album before that was in 2005 named Home. White Light, was an awesome album as well, but I hadn’t really heard much from them lately. So much to my surprise I started receiving messages on my Facebook and my Twitter account a couple of weeks ago about a new upcoming album by The Corrs, I honestly had no idea that they were making an album it has been so quiet for so long around them that I simply didn’t expect any albums for the foreseeable future. Especially since their last album was only two years old. And Andrea had claimed that they wouldn’t be making a new album anytime soon. So The Corrs hadn’t really been on my mind, except for their songs whenever they start playing on my speakers in my home or car. Which happens quite often because they are always on my Spotify play-lists and on my usb-stick in my car radio together with songs by Beth Hart and Hanson. Those three bands are always on my music lists. I love their music, always have – always will simple as that.

I really love the new album which came out earlier this month, I think it’s exceptionally good and I am really enjoying myself with it. I’ve listened to it multiple times now on Spotify. And I love it! This album is catered to me, I love all the songs while others might find it a boring record because there are no ultra poppy songs on it and that really made me happy. These songs are where their strength is, they are musicians! They should make music with their instruments and write songs from their heart not trying to be something they are not just because it is what’s popular at that moment. I guess from a commercial standpoint it would probably be better to have that popular song – that huge hit to make sure that you’re up their with the best. But from a true fans standpoint – namely me – those weren’t needed. And that is why I love this album. I feel like the songs are from their hearts. And some songs really feel like the old ‘Corrs’ songs which I loved so much. I really hope they are going to do another tour I will certainly be one of the people who will see them perform live. I have to see them.

Some facts about the new album

Jupiter Calling is the seventh studio album, and it was produced by T Bone Burnett – who is a long time singer, songwriter and producer who has previously worked with Elvis Costello, Tony Bennett and Roy Orbison among many others. He’s also made music for movies, for instance for The Hunger Games (which is one of my favorite movies).

Son of Solomon, the opening song of the album and the first official single. It was released on September 21st. The video made for the song was recorded and edited by Andrea while they were recording the song for the album. The song is very raw and fragile, a side of The Corrs which I absolutely love – there is something mysterious about this song.
Bulletproof Love – If we let love win, let love rule the world. We will be bulletproof. For some reason I really like those lyrics. It seems to be a good solution for all the problems in the world nowadays. Just allow everyone to be who they want to be, believe in what they believe and just be kind to one another. That’s all you need. Not everyone needs to have the same ideas. Don’t hate on each other.
SOS (Song of Syria) is the most politically outspoken song The Corrs has ever produced and was also released as a single on September 29th. It’s obviously a song about Syria. An outcry to help the innocent people in a war infested country.
No Go Baby feels like a very personal song, I don’t know if it is. Of course it doesn’t have to be personal but it sure feels like it. It’s a heartfelt song about the loss of a pregnancy.
Live before I die, this song seems to be opening up to a whole new level of emotion – such a beautiful song! It
The Sun and the moon, a beautiful slow song the perfect ending to a beautiful album.

Other songs on the album include Chasing Shadow, Road to Eden, Butter Flutter, Dear Life, Hit my ground running, A Love Divine and Season of our Love.

Throughout this whole album Andrea’s voice sounds fragile, about to break. I don’t know why but I love it – it sounds pure and honest. There is something raw and emotional in her voice. Well I love Beth Hart so I love raw and emotional voices. But this sounds ‘new’ for Andrea’s voice (at least I never really noticed it before, not in this way at least) but I honestly love her voice even more than I did before.

The thing I really like about this album is the fact that they created it together in a studio playing the tracks live and that essentially became the album. I know that Beth Hart creates her Cd’s in the same manor as does Hanson. All of them are really strong live performers and I have always thought that The Corrs is a stronger live band than they are a studio band. They don’t need special effects to polish their voice or all of those sound effects. If an album is created this way it gives the songs a depth which is different from a full studio album where every line and sound is recorded separately. I find it difficult to explain what I mean. But if an album is created in a full studio rather than every performer, instrument and sound on their own it feels like the songs have more feel to them – truer to nature. The songs are more layered, and therefor to me they sounds warmer and they have more depth. It’s comparable to the Unplugged album they did years ago – sans the audience of course. That literally is the way they recorded this album. I was surprised to say the least when I heard that this was the first time they recorded an album this way. Since they do just about everything themselves from writing and composing the songs to playing the instruments and of course the singing I kind of expected that this would be a natural process for them. But apparently they didn’t do it before.

I know the album is getting mixed reviews but I think it is filled with songs that only The Corrs can make. Typical songs, the type of songs a fan like me fell in love with and what sets them apart from other bands. And if a critic doesn’t like that, that probably has more to do with what’s popular and what is supposed to be good. Yes, I’m a fan. But I can be critical of The Corrs as well, I sure don’t like every song they ever made in fact I absolutely despise ‘Breathless’ which is probably their biggest hit ever. And I can name a few more examples. However Jupiter Calling has pure gems on it.

I really hope that The Corrs will do a new tour next year we need to see them perform again. I need to see them perform again it has been way too long.