Here it is my review of this years edition of Glow 2017!

Glow started this past Saturday and it ends next Saturday with the Glow run – because nowadays every event needs their own run. This edition they set out a route which is about six kilometers long and it leads mostly through the center of Eindhoven. When it comes to the length of the route it is comparable to the previous years but it feels like everything is much closer together and more concentrated in the city center. Which in my opinion makes it an easier walk.

If you are around the Eindhoven area and want to have a fun night out go to Glow, I can highly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun, the weather at the moment is quite okay – it’s not too cold and currently it’s dry which is very important if you’re walking around especially in the evening. Although I do recommend wearing something like a thermal clothing – I sure was happy that I was wearing my thermal mountain bike shirt underneath my softshell jacket.

Part of the route is very close to my home so it literally only took me a minute maybe two to reach the route. I started walking the route around 6:30 and I was back home at 8:30, so it took me just under two hours – I think that most people need three hours to walk the route especially if it is the first time you see something like this you tend to take longer. And most people go for a drink or something to eat at one of the food courts. There is hot chocolate milk and gluwein! The Gluwein is really good!

What astonished me was the fact that they literally started the route with the biggest exposition of this whole edition. I personally think that is not a smart move, it literally is the biggest and most impressive part of the route. It would have been better if it had been more towards the end of the route. Of course you can start the route wherever you like but most people start at the railway station. It is after all the most central part of the route an obvious start point for people who come from outside of the city since all the public transportation arrives there as well. After the Blob we passed a couple of buildings – buildings which are pretty much what Eindhoven represents – the old Philips Factory buildings and neither one of those were used.

Again a strange choice but maybe they choose to not use them this year because they have been used often in the past. The soccer stadium only had an indoor show, which you have to pay for – I didn’t see the show, so I can’t say anything about that however what I can say is that they did nothing to outside of the building. It just looked the same way it does every other day of the year. They lit up the mosque, it was another projection on the inside as well as the outside of the building. It looked good yet at the same time a little bit predictable. The design on the outside of Hooghuis looked very similar to what they had made a couple of years ago. Though it looked pretty cool, it was a simple design where they made good use of the exterior of the building. We went straight back into city center towards the church – there was a huge projection covering the whole front of the church, it was really bright colored and beautiful.

Almost at the end of the route was an area on de Dommel (a small river that runs through Eindhoven) where kids from different schools had created small floating buildings painted with neon paint and lit by black-light that lit up the river. It looked really cute – they always have a project made by the children of Eindhoven.

The thing that I probably liked the most was a really small project which looked so cool. It was literally a piece of plywood with pepper foam and a light. That was it. Sometimes things can be really simple and give a beautiful effect. If the light was placed in the correct position you could see the shadow of a face appear on the plywood created by the shade of multiple different pepper foam bars. It looked really good, very special. That really was my favorite installation – simple yet beautiful.

If you have the chance to see Glow, do it! Really it is worth it, the atmosphere is great the small food courts along the route However if you’ve seen it before, especially multiple times the magic kind of fades. When Glow first stated I always loved to take my time to look at all the installations. But when you’ve seen eight of nine Glow’s you kind of seen a lot of things already in a In fact nowadays it’s usually the smaller things that make the bigger impression.



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