The City of Light

I live in Eindhoven, the fifth city of the Netherlands also known as ‘de Lichtstad’ (Lightcity / City of Light). The reason it’s called de Lichtstad is because Philips was founded here in Eindhoven on May 15th 1891. Nowadays we all know Philips from their consumer and medical appliances, yet in the beginning stages of the company it was mostly known as a light bulb factory. But soon they started to expand their company and they also ventured into research. However for the longest time they kept making light bulbs. There are still old factory buildings all around the city, nowadays they are used for a lot of different reasons none has anything to do with producing light bulbs anymore. In fact the Library in Eindhoven where we spend our Fridays during Nanowrimo is one of those buildings – known as De Witte Dame (The White Lady – it is a big white building).

The Light Tour

So Eindhoven is known as the city of light and the city is proud of that fact. Often when they organize something in the city there is an element of light in it somehow. Years ago they started with the Light Tour – and that is a direct reference to WWII liberation by the Allies. Apparently at the time the people of Eindhoven welcomed the Allies with lights behind their windows. And now every year on the 18th of September the Light Tour starts. I doubt that many people know the origin of the light tour but it’s a fun thing to do during the dark months of the year. And In 2006 they added another event to light up the dark times.


Glow was first held 2006, so this is the eleventh edition of the Glow Festival. Every year designers from all over the world come to Eindhoven to show their ‘light-related’ installations. I’ve been walking the route since the beginning when it started it was really small but now each year the installations get bigger and more impressive and the number of people who come to visit Glow gets bigger as well. I’m looking forward to seeing the show but I’m definitely waiting a couple of days because this weekend is the opening weekend and it is going to be extremely busy and I am so not looking forward to that. I mean, every day is going to be busy of course but today and tomorrow will be crazy busy!

Take a look at these pictures of some of the installations from these past couple of years. And if you happen to be around come take a look. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! I will write an extended review when I’ve walked this years Glow Tour.


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