Sardinia – June 27th


Tuesday was my day off.

Half of our group was going on their mountain bike trip while the other half – including me was going to have to wait another day. We could fill this day with activities, go to the beach and take another go at the water sport activities or we could just choose to enjoy the sun.

People in Sardinia apparently don’t use ATM machines as often as we are used to using them because it was quite difficult to get money. Of course we could have gotten extra cash at the airport but I’m not used to having a lot of cash with me. I prefer to get some more when ever I need it. And I was not the only one, so we took a bus to another town where we could find the nearest ATM machine. So tip for next time, take more cash money … you’ll need it!

Unfortunately the town was small and not very interesting and long before lunch we were done with it and we couldn’t wait for the bus to pick us up and bring us back to the camping site. It was extremely hot, even in the morning and in the town the heat seemed to be even worse. So we were really happy to get back to the camp side where we could cool off in the shade. We decided to spend the afternoon at the swimming pool under the trees in the shade instead. All in all Tuesday was a really relaxed day, we didn’t do all that much. But it was nice after a couple of really active days.


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