Sardinia – June 26th


The second vacation day we explored the possibilities of different water sports!

Our large group was divided into two because it would be easier to keep track of everyone and help whenever we needed it. I was in the group that started with the windsurfing. I can tell you one thing for certain, it looks so easy but that is so deceiving. It’s so much harder than it looks!

The main problem for me is balance. I do yoga! I should probably be ashamed, but I have pretty poor balance – I know this, I’m aware. And this became more and more obvious during the morning. I tried to get up on the board but I was really struggling. One problem was also that my left knee was hurting, from the walk we had the day before. Since we were walking down the mountain, you’re constantly holding yourself back and my knee doesn’t like that. It wasn’t hurting too bad but I knew that we still had some walking and of course mountain biking to do during the rest of the week. And I certainly didn’t want to overdo it and put myself on the bench.

During the instructions they told us that we had to basically kneel down on the board. Then put your left foot on the board and when you’re steady you had to use your left leg to push your weight up and put your right foot on the board. And that was my problem, I couldn’t keep doing that. I thought that it was a real shame, because I had a lot of fun. But I couldn’t give it my all.

In the afternoon – after we went back to the camping side for lunch – we switched groups and that meant that we could try out some things on our own. Like stand up paddling – another one of those balance things! It’s still very hard to balance one a huge beginner board. But it was fun to try. Most of the time on the paddle board was spend on my knees instead of actually standing up. The second thing we could try on our own was the kano’s. Which is pretty easy to get the hang of if you ask me. And it’s fun to do! But with the burning sun above us staying too long in the kano could easily give you some nasty sunburn. So even though I liked it a lot I didn’t do it for too long.

But the best thing about this day was a trip on a catamaran. It was a small catamaran for three or four persons. We went on the catamaran in groups of two with one instructor. It was awesome! I really like it. You’re flying over the water at a pretty fast pace and our instructor really took us far our into the sea while the other two instructor barely left the bay. At one point we had a really hard time seeing the other catamarans!

We all came back bruised but we had so much fun! It was awesome to see that some people went from never being on a surf board in the first place to actually being able to do some windsurfing. I personally wasn’t all that good at it. But I blame my left knee which after our walk from the 1000 meter high mountain wasn’t playing nice.


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