Sardinia – June 25th


The first real day of our vacation started early, really early. We were awoken by a sound I’d never heard before. At first I thought that what I heard were crickets – but according to some people they were beetle like insects which were high up in the trees surrounding our tents and to be honest the whole camping-side. They are called Cicadas, and they were definitively a wake-up call. But then again we had to be up and ready for breakfast at seven in the morning anyway.

Due to the heat most of our activities were planned early in the morning so that we could enjoy either the swimming pool or the sea in the afternoon. After breakfast which was fast but good we were ushered into a couple of vans and cars and brought to the top of a 1000 meter high mountain. This was the first time we could actually see the surrounding area that we were staying in for the next week. In my opinion it was breathtaking. The mountains were high and ridged and the sea was incredibly blue. The contrast between the blue sky, the gray stone tops of the mountains, the green vegetation and the amazing azure blue of the sea was simply perfect. The view from the top was spectacular! We could see – according to our guide – one fifth of Sardinia.

We started making our way down. According to our guide we had three hours to reach the village where we would be picked up. When you’re standing on top of the mountain looking down you think that they are crazy. But in all honesty it was actually quite simple. We made it faster than we’d expected especially given the warmth. Of course our guides have experience, but we sure didn’t have any. We were told to bring water, lots of water because of the heat and that surely was needed. One minute we would walk in the blazing sun and the next we would walk into a tree overgrown part of the road and the could feel the temperature plummet. Most of the way was downhill with only a few parts where the road would go uphill.

During the walk our guide Sandra told us all kinds of different information, about plants, herbs and fruit we could find along the way. It was interesting and as we were walking down the hill there was also plenty of time to get to know one another. I switched a lot, sometimes I would walk along with the group in the front then switch to the back and that way I was able to talk to a lot of different people in our group.

We made it to the village with time to spare, luckily for us the point where they would pick us up was in the shade, with plenty of room to take a seat and cold crystal clear drink water. Which by now was what we all needed. Not so much water in general but cold water. Because the water we brought with us had started to heat up as soon as we left the camp-side.

Once we arrived back at the camp-side it was almost time for our lunch. This was our first regular meal – since the early breakfast had been in the bar area – I can’t remember exactly what our first meal was but it surely was pasta of some kind, salad and bread. Like every other lunch – don’t get me wrong the food was good, it was healthy, delicious and nutritious, just what we needed on our active vacation. Most of us had decided to go to the next town over in the afternoon because we all wanted to see the sea, enjoy the sun and cool down in the water. We had a blast!

Sunday evening we had a wine-tasting planned with five different local wines and some local delicacies. We didn’t have to think long when they asked us if we were interested, fifteen of us immediately said yes. the daily Happy Hour from seven till eight and then we would have dinner from eight to nine! So yes, lots of alcohol before dinner always a good combination. We had a very, very funny first night!


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