Sardinia – June 24th


So there I was June 24th had arrived, I was planning on going to Schiphol by train, since I’m very familiar with the Dutch railway company I knew that I had to calculate extra time. So I planned on leaving at 11 in the morning, best case scenario I would arrive at Schiphol just about one in the afternoon. I wanted to have some time to get something to eat before meeting with the other people who would join me.

In my two hour train journey I needed to change trains four times, which can be a hassle with a big backpack on your bag and a smaller one in your hands. But I managed to do it and I made it to every single one of my connections with time to spare. When I finally  arrived at Schiphol I was getting a little bit nervous. I was glad that I had some extra time, I made sure that I got something to eat and to walk around a bit in an effort to stay busy and calm my nerves.

As I was approaching the white and red cubes I heard someone say; ‘Hey, I recognize that face!’. As I looked up I saw a group of four or five people smiling at me and indeed I  also recognized one of the faces. We both had our picture up on the fora. So that was my first meeting with part of the group and over the next hour more and more people joined us. And every time some one new came to the group you could see that everyone was listening to the names and trying to remember them. We were standing together a little bit awkward, but I guess that is to be expected when you’ve just met about sixteen people. Around three it was time to hand in our bags and go through security towards our gate. Once we reached the waiting area we had our real first time to get to know one another a little bit better. Unfortunately most of us were spread out through the plane and the next time to talk to one another was in the bus a couple of hours later after we landed. Due to a delay we arrived by bus at the camping sight around nine thirty in the evening. A meal was waiting for us and we received some last minute information and we met our last couple of group members who had arrived with an earlier flight.

After our meal we were informed that we would receive the keys to our tents and that we would have to be up at seven in the morning for our breakfast. We wanted an active vacation and we were surely going to get it!

All in all it had been a long day and I think that everyone was really done for. So I dropped my bags off in my tent and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. The next morning would start early enough, after all.


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