Sardinia, Italy


What can I say, I did it and it literally was the best choice I could have made for myself. It took me a while, I admit that but once I finally made the choice I was content with it. Early this year and in all honesty this past year as well I wanted to go on a vacation. I knew for certain that I didn’t want to go alone. But who can you ask if the friends you get along with best have a family or are in a relationship and you don’t want to feel like that third wheel.

Someone started talking about single group vacations and in all honesty I was not really a fan of the idea. But as I started researching it I figured out that the ‘single’ part doesn’t really apply to the fact that you are single but more that you are booking the trip on your own. There are quite a lot of different travel agencies that offer single vacations but not all of them really gave me a good feeling. Not that they aren’t good, they just didn’t feel like a good match for me. Some were obviously meant for religious people or the age for certain vacations was a lot higher than I am. At first I was looking for specific destinations. Ever since I’ve visited Barcelona I want to go back there, I feel like there is so much more to discover for me there. But the only group vacation I could find which included Barcelona was with a group of people who were a lot older than I am. And that didn’t feel right. I also saw a trip to Morocco which really appealed to me from a cultural aspect. My reason for not booking this trip was the fact that we would go from one place to the next, on a ten day trip we would on some days visit two or three places and the only place were we really spend more than one day would be Marrakech. In my opinion you’d need an extra relax vacation after this one! Besides the fact that this would be my first trip abroad alone it felt like it would be too stressful to be relaxing.

Another aspect that felt important to me was the fact that I wanted my vacation to be an active one, preferably one where we have a day planning. Because I know that it would make it less likely that I could shy away from interacting with a group if I was doing different things together with them.

For a while I checked out Croatia as a travel destination but the trip was 14 day long roundtrip to different destinations and for a first time that felt like an incredibly long time. Maybe an idea for next year, who knows.

Eventually I found the website, which offers all kinds of different trips. Once I read through the information of the Sardinia trip I was sold. It was exactly what I wanted. It gave me an active yet relaxing vacation, besides that we would all get our own tent at the camping we’d be staying at which was a privacy I was looking for. With some of these travels they put two people in a room together which could turn out great but could also be weird and uncomfortable. Especially since you have no choice in the matter. The things that really appealed to me was the fact that most days we had a schedule of activities and some spare time as well. Every day we could participate in a yoga lesson – in the morning a wake-up yoga and in the afternoon a regular yoga lesson. We would have a day were we would go out to the beach and try out different water sports and one day we would go mountain biking! That one really got to me, it seemed like such a cool thing to ride along the beach on a bike and venture up into the hills. I knew that this was the trip for me. At the end of may I booked the trip and while I initially saw it through I was forwarded to which is the travel agency that actually offers the trip.

When I signed up at the end of May (I was fairly late if you asked me) I was the eight person to actually sign up and I thought to myself good it’s a fairly small group and at the same time the trip was already guaranteed to take place. Once I booked and paid for the trip I have to admit that I didn’t really check the information anymore. So I was very surprised that there was a list of seventeen people who’d were going along. A couple of days later I gained access to the fora on which we could post information and ask questions.There it turned out that some more people were added to our group. Some because their initial choice for a trip was cancelled due to a lack of participants. We started posting on the fora, getting to know each other a little bit but it was all fairly basic stuff – you know name, age, where you’re from and what your occupation is. And some people asked some questions about stuff to bring and the likes. And then someone posted a ‘Let’s meet at the airport’ post. If he hadn’t posted it, I would have done it myself. Plans were quickly made.

On Saturday the 24th of June we would meet at the big red and white cubes in the arrivals hall of Schiphol at or about two in the afternoon and at three we would start our first part of the journey to baggage drop-off and the gate.

Want to read more? Don’t worry I am going to give you a full and detailed very picture heavy day by day report.



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