City trip: Gouda

A couple of weeks ago – actually way back in March I went to Gouda and I never got around to writing about this city trip. Let’s say better late than never – and get this thing done.

Gouda is one of the bigger cities in the county of Zuid Holland, the city has world fame because of their cheese – Gouda cheese. I’m pretty sure that most people have heard of this particular type of cheese – I recently noticed Gouda cheese being used as one of the cheese’s on Master Chef Australia which is literally on the other side of the globe and in a television show as well. Gouda’s traditional cheese market is a real spectacle, unfortunately the traditional Cheese Markets are only held on Thursdays in the spring and summer while I was there on a Saturday. So I wasn’t able to actually see the cheese market in it’s full glory however there was a regular market in the square. Overseen by the 15th century Town Hall.

Gouda is a beautiful old city, with these very old stately buildings, which is what I love about these types of cities. Old buildings give a city such a special vibe, it always makes me wonder what these buildings have seen throughout history. If buildings were able to tell their stories who knows what they would have to tell us, I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

I walked quite a long way through the city center as well as the other parts of Gouda. There is a lot of water in and around Gouda and while I was walking through the other parts of Gouda I spotted a Heron. I just had to take a picture, usually you spot these birds outside of the city.

If you ever plan on visiting Gouda I would recommend to do so on a Thursday, especially if you love cheese. Of course buying the cheese in a city like this is possible any day of the week but if you have the chance visit the cheese market. Even though I wasn’t able to see it this time I’m sure that I will go there on a Thursday if I have the chance to see the spectacle.


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