City trip: Rotterdam

I’m from the Netherlands, I’ve been living here all my life. But there are still some cities which I haven’t seen and I’m trying to change that. First stop, Rotterdam!

In December I bought a couple of train tickets through a special deal and I still had one left, which needed to be handed before the end of this month.

So I was trying to think of a place to visit and I really didn’t want to go to the regular places and then I realized that I had never really been to Rotterdam. I mean I’ve been there to go to Ahoy, which is a concert/conference hall. But I’ve only been there not anywhere else in the city. A while back I went to Rotterdam with some friends to go to the RetroCon and we traveled by train from the main station to Ahoy by metro and it occurred to me that there is a lot to see in Rotterdam. That is where the idea came from to visit the city if the opportunity came up. And this was perfect!

The Netherlands are – compared to most other countries really small – and while we can literally travel from on side of the country to the other side of the country in a matter of hours there is still a lot to see. And while traveling by train is often a nice option. Especially if you want to read something. And time to read I had that’s for sure. The trip from my city to Rotterdam would normally take just about an hour. But not this past Saturday. Yeah, it was one of those days. I had to switch trains in Breda which would have been normal and then I would have had a direct connection to Rotterdam. But unfortunately the train before mine broke down and it was blocking the route. So they advised us to take the train to Roosendaal and from there take the train to Rotterdam. But that meant that we had to travel two hours instead of one. However it was extremely busy because a lot of people had to take this train, and the capacity of the train was obviously not meant for such a big group of travelers. So honestly it wasn’t really a huge surprise when this train also broke down right after we left Roosendaal. It was the weirdest thing ever! The personal used the call system to tell us that the travelers needed to divide more over the length of the train because the front was too heavy and it was causing problems with the train. But five minutes later it became obvious that it was not enough, another train was called and we had to get on that train to make the rest of the trip.

All in all it made for a very interesting train trip but eventually I did arrive at Rotterdam’s Central Station. More than an hour and a half later than expected but still at a early enough time to explore the city. First things first, since I arrived to late I decided to immediately make my way to  Market Hall which was what I wanted to see. It’s a relatively new building in the center with all of these small food related shops and dinner places. It’s a really special type of building, iconic really there is no other building which looks anything like it. That really is the reason why I wanted to see it. The first thing I did was walk around it, look at it from all the angles – it was beautiful especially because it was one of those winter days with bright blue skies and a sun. And the light was cascading through the windows which made the building look even more beautiful. The interior is filled by little shops and markets all food related and a few restaurants.

One of them being Jamie Oliver’s restaurant called Jamie’s Italian. Anyway I just had to go there and eat the food which is approved by Jamie Oliver in the way that he cooks his food. I’ve always been curious to taste the food that he makes. Jamie Oliver makes cooking always look so easy and creates amazing dinners, which is what always made me curious. I choose a pasta, Sausage Casarecce it was delicious. Simple but delicious! Which is exactly the way he intended it to be.

After my late lunch I looked around the Market Hall to see the different shops and food courts. It kind of has the same feel as the Feel Good Market has here in Eindhoven. You can buy all different types of food and drinks, things you’ll normally never find in regular stores. I purchased a Chai Tea Latte and made my way around the market, afterwards I walked through the city and when the evening was setting in I made my way back to the Central Station. But before I went home I got on the Metro and I made my way across the city to Ahoy Rotterdam where I visited the book fair before it was time to return home.

I purchased a couple of books;

Books for which you might find a review on this blog sometime in the future.


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