Book 7 – I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes


This book came highly recommended by my uncle and he is one critical reader especially  when it comes to stories and movies in regards to realism. Even more so when it comes to Police procedures and those type of things since he’s a former Police officer and he knows a thing or two about the subject.

He knows that I like these kind of stories – crime novels – so this book came highly recommended by him. And once I started reading it was difficult to put the book down, it is one of those stories that literally sucks you in. Partly because of the realism and known facts about Nine Eleven and the fight against terrorism which has been going on for years now.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed myself by reading this book writing this review was a lot harder than I first expected it to be. The thing is you don’t want to give away too many details yet at the same time I want to make sure that people get what a good read this story was. The thing is when you take a look at the Goodreads page for this book you’ll notice that you apparently either love or hate this book, there seems to be nothing in between. Most people who hate it stopped reading long before they reached the end and therefore in my opinion can’t really form a real opinion about the story. And the other group of readers are the readers like me who couldn’t put the book away. I read this book in Dutch, this time because I basically didn’t have a say in the matter since I borrowed the book from my uncle. My mother and I were reading the e-book at the exact same time, sometimes I was a little bit ahead of my mother and other days she would surpass me.  Which really made it a fun experience because we would always discus what happened and therefore I know for a fact that my mother enjoyed reading this story as well.

So what is this story about you ask? It’s a story about a breakneck race against time to safe the world from a deadly biological attack with modified small pox virus which is immune to all known medication and treatment. The story takes place in the world we know today, a world which has changed drastically since Nine Eleven and the fight against terrorism is in full swing. Since the American government doesn’t want to create mass-hysteria and panic they want to keep hide the details as long as they possibly can and that means that they have to involve as few people as they possibly can. So they literally choose to send one man after the terrorist.

There was something really thrilling about this story, the way it was written gave you great insight into the different characters and their reasons behind the way they act in the story. You see the story and the reasoning behind certain choices in the past and the present from different points of view. As the main storyline progresses you get glimpses into the past showing you bit by bit why the main characters in the story are who they’ve become. To me that is what makes this story interesting, it gives you complicated characters who are three dimensional. And it even gives a man who becomes a terrorist a true identity without just making him out to be the bad guy which would have probably be much easier but it also would have made the story less interesting.

The book came out back in 2014 but for some reason I’ve only recently been hearing about it, I have no idea why that is. But it was as if something was triggered, suddenly I saw this story everywhere. It probably has to do with the fact that there is a movie going to be made or maybe they are even currently working on it. I’m not sure, there is a page on IMDb but it doesn’t give a whole lot of information at this point in time. Honestly I think that it would make for a good movie but I think that they would have to leave a lot of information and twists and turns out of the movie. So if they do this I really hope that they make a mini-series out of it. It would be a perfect way to tell the whole story, simply because there is more time to set up the plot and let it take it’s course instead of trying to fit it all in an hour and a half or two at the most.

I really need to see if this author has written more books because if this is the start the sky is the limit. I loved it and I will recommend it to anyone. This is definitively my favorite read of the year.


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