Camp Nanowrimo update


Day one was a success, a complete and utter success. However so far my day one and day two writing has been the only writing I’ve been doing. Let me think for a minute while I come up with reasons why I haven’t been writing … I’ve been busy… No, honestly I just didn’t sit down to write, besides that The Division is pretty time consuming. I don’t think I’ve even been this into a game before. I love teaming up with other people and getting things done. Anyway if anyone feels like teaming up add me my gamertag is Nepeace.

But in all honesty that’s just excuses, if I’d wanted to write I could have found the time. I mean there are twentyfour hours in a day and with my new job I’m home earlier in the afternoon. So in theory I should have more time to write instead of less. I’ve just been pretty busy with a lot of things besides writing or thinking about writing.

But I’ll be fine. We have another meeting planned for Friday evening – that’s tomorrow – at the library. I’m already looking forward to it and I’m really planning on getting some stuff done. Although I’m not exactly sure what I will be writing. Maybe I’ll write another blog post or choose to work on my story. It’ll be a spur of the moment thing – at that time I will choose what feels right at that time.

I’ve just fired up Scrivener …. only to find out that I had no clear idea of which file I needed to continue writing on my story. For a second there I’d thought I lost it. An irrational fear because I’ve always been adamant about saving and backing up my stories. However I started working in a file that I gave a name that made no sense to me at this moment. The problem is that my story still has no tittle so I called it ‘2014 rewrite’ or something along those lines. Not a smart thing to do, so when I finally found it I immediately renamed it. That is not something which I ever want to go through again. Pfew! SO after that shocking discovery I took a look through some of the files and discovered yet another issue I had no idea about. I have literally reached the end of my outline. I have managed to reach chapter seven, scene three and that is where my outline ends. However when you look at the way I choose to divide my book (3 acts, 27 chapters, 3 scenes per chapter) you know that I haven’t even reached the end of the first act.

I have some ideas, but at this point I have no outline anymore. So that might also be something that I can work on. Or I can just sit down, fire up my tabled and keyboard and start typing away – freestyling it. Honestly though I had no idea, none at all. I guess that I was too focussed on writing in November and with my personal struggles in December and Januari it just didn’t register. And since I choose to write blog posts instead of actual stories so far this was something new too me.

It’s been something I’ve noticed lately – I really struggle with my memory. I tend to forget things which I could always remember. Need to keep an eye on that – if I don’t forget that is.

Anyway, I’m signing off for now. I need to get ready because I have to defend the honor of New York in a little while with my fellow agents from Delta Company 606.

I’m a member of Delta Company 606.  We’re a casual group of players who usually play between 06:00 PM CET and 12:00 AM CET. Our average age is 32 and our average level is 15.  Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred.  If that sounds like you, join us here:


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