Camp Nanowrimo April 2016


The kick-off!

Conveniently this years April first falls on a Friday and besides it being April Fool’s it’s also the first day of Camp Nanowrimo. The name Camp Nanowrimo says it all, it’s the camp edition of the big November version. While November is very demanding with 50 000 words in a month Camp is the slimmed down version. You have the chance to choose the amount of words you would like to write, which makes it a lot less demanding.

Which makes it perfect in my opinion. As always it’s stimulating to be in the process of writing together with a group. Yes, we do talk a lot and not much writing is actually done, well not as much as we could have done in the same time at home if we just sat down on our own. But it is stimulating never the less. Whenever you’re in doubt or can’t get that sentence right there is always a group of people who can help you out. The big difference between the Nanowrimo website and the Camp website is that your are placed in a ‘cabin’. You can opt to be put in a ‘cabin’ with a group of people of your choosing or with random writer buddies. A ‘cabin’ is basically a virtual chatroom kind of where you can post messages to the other cabin members. Of course being part of a writer’s group we opted to go in a cabin as a group. Of course it’s only a digital cabin but still it helps.

And once Camp starts our meetings in the library start back up as well, so April first as I mentioned before was a Friday and that is our usual night for the Library meetings. Camp Nanowrimo was kicked off by the Epic Blue Unicorns in style! We had an awesome meeting and honestly more fruitful than I had thought before the meeting started.

I went into this meeting fresh, literally without any ideas of what to write and I might not really write a story per say this month. At the start of the meeting I arrived first so during that time that I was alone I decided that I opted to work on my blog – I started writing a post which is currently  unfinished. About two books from a trilogy which I’ve been reading lately.

That post will follow soon, as soon as I’ve finished reading the second and the third book and maybe even the prequel.

Expect more Camp Nanowrimo updates from me soon!


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