Book 2 – Tough Love by Kerry Katona


If you grew up in the nineties, like I did, the name Kerry Katona will probably sound familiar. At least it did to me as soon as my eyes crossed the cover of this book, in all honesty it’s the reason why I bought it. It intrigued me, she used to be one of the singers of Atomic Kitten, and lets be honest in a lot of ways you never really hear anything from the 90’s girl / boy groups unless there is an reunion coming up or a huge scandal hits tabloids. So I was really surprised when I noticed her name on a book cover – a novel at that, rather than a biography. Of course with this type of story, I’m sure that she can use a lot of her own experiences to her advantage – at least that is what I think. This is Kerry Katona’s debut novel.

This story is about a former model, Leannne Crompton who’s dropped by her modelling agency because she’s ‘too old’. Due to her own naivety she’s never saved up any of the money she earned. She’s used to living the life in London and her money is quickly dwindling. Eventually she’s out of options, she has no choice but to go back to Bradington with her daughter Kia. Bradington is the hometown she struggled to get away from, one the other hand it’s where her family still resides and she knows that they will help her no matter what. It’s difficult for Leanne and Kia to leave there life in London behind and ‘tough love’ is definitively one of the things Leanne has to deal with when it comes to her family and her life in Bradington.

If you’re asking me if I would recommend this novel the answer is yes. If you’re able to call this your debut novel it’s definitively not a bad start. On the other hand it sure isn’t the best book or story in the world either. However I did enjoy reading it, mostly because it reads away easily and it gives you  a glimpse into the life behind all the fame and fortune and how easily someone can fall from their pedestal. If you’re looking for something to read which doesn’t require much thought then this is definitively one of those books and therefor I recommend it.

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