This is something I haven’t done before but sometimes you just need to try something new.

I want to share with you all this video called ‘The #GirlLove Challenge’ by the amazing Lilly Singh aka ||Superwoman||. If you haven’t watched her videos on YouTube you’re missing out. But please before you watch the other videos take your time and watch this video first. From the beginning to the very end, there is an important message she wants to share with all of us.

Did you watch it? Good. If not do it, really it’s inspiring and it might not at all be about what you think it is about.

A video like this is something we all need to share, we need to show people that this needs to stop. Women shouldn’t hate other women, girls shouldn’t bitch about other girls. But it’s a problem, we all know that it is. We have all been at that spot were another girl said mean things about us. Or maybe we were the ones talking about other girls or we participated in a conversation with some friends. There is no doubt about it, we’ve all been there and we’ve all taken part. This video might be the first time we realize it, but it’s never too late to change our ways and with the end of the year in sight we might want to choose a different New Years Resolution for 2016.

||Superwoman|| on average reaches about 7.2 million people with her YouTube channel, about 6 million subscribers are girls and women. Six million is a huge number, but that is not enough we need to make this video spread like an oil-spill. Every girl in the world should see this. I love how she reached out to other YouTubers and friends to help her spread the message.

Who do you admire?

I would have to say Beth Hart. When I  first became a fan it was 1999 – she was at a radio show performing live, a radio show which I normally didn’t listen to but for reasons unknown on this day I did – I immediately needed to know more about this woman. I could only find a few songs but there was something about her voice that connected with me. I had a hunger to know more about her and to hear more songs. But at that time there was hardly any information, the internet wasn’t the way it is today. All I knew was that she was very addicted to drugs and alcohol and that she was in a really bad place. I found a couple of short videos on YouTube and that really scared the shit out of me. She looked horrible, really skin and not focused at all. At that point I was convinced that there was no way she would ever get back on a stage and do the things she does today. In 2004 however I was very surprised to hear that she was going to perform a show in Paradiso, Amsterdam all the way over here in the Netherlands. I knew that she was from originally from LA and I never expected that I would be able to see her perform live in front of an audience, especially not in the Netherlands.

A ticket was purchased quickly – the cheapest ticket in my history of concert tickets, I might add – and I was eagerly awaiting the day. January 15th, 2004 – I’ll never forget that day. I was surprised by the woman who stepped onto the stage – she was almost unrecognizable. She looked so much different from what I had seen in those pictures and videos. Healthier and most of all, happier. She was so grateful to everyone that came out to see her and so grateful to be there. Both happy that she was alive and still able to perform. She promised that she would be back and as soon as the tickets went on sale I purchased them. I’ve seen her perform over the years – I think – about twenty times, each time is special and no two shows are the same.

Beth Hart hit rock bottom, more than once but each time she came out stronger. And today she looks better than she’s ever done before. So healthy and happy, she’s not afraid to tell about her struggles and she certainly doesn’t hide them. She warns people not to make the same mistakes she did and through spreading the knowledge I’m sure that she’s saved people from making the same mistakes. I’ve never met a more inspiring woman in my life – and I’m grateful for the chance I had to tell her that. I’m sure that she has no idea who I am, but I’m grateful that I had my chance to tell her that I admire her for who she is. And I can’t wait to see her perform again – it’s been too long – I want to hear her stories and laugh at her jokes. Her music inspires me, her voice warms my soul and her words resonate with me. I admire her.

Do you know a woman or a girl like that? Let me know, I would love to hear the story.

Also if you think that this is an important message to spread. Please do so by sharing the video and spreading the #GirlLove. If you do please make sure that you use the hashtag because it will help the @malalafund, if you want to know more about the Malalafund please follow this link.



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