Book 21 -Man in the Dark by Paul Auster

maninthedark-paulausterThis is the second book I read by Paul Auster. I really like the way he writes, it’s honest and clear and at the same time there is an awful lot of mystery. It’s really intriguing to read. It takes a while before you get a grasp of what’s happening, before the pieces of the puzzle start to make sense. That is something which I really. But I wasn’t really impressed by the story in general.

I have to admit that I read through this book quite easily, but I don’t get it. I honestly don’t get the story … well I understood it but then suddenly on part of the story ended without explanation. Part of this book is about August Brill, he’s an author – a seventy two year old man, who recently lost his wife and is forced to live with his daughter and granddaughter because he was in a car wreck and his leg is shattered.

He has trouble sleeping and at night he starts to tell himself stories, the main character in them is Owen Brick a man who suddenly finds himself in an alternate world in the middle of a war.

[spoilers – highlight the text below to read]
He’s being told that if he wants to safe this ‘world’ he has to kill August Brill in his own world because that’ll stop the war. But then suddenly the story the story about Owen Brick gets interrupted and it doesn’t end. Suddenly the story goes back to August Brill and it stays with him and his grown granddaughter until the end. August isn’t killed at the end, so you never know if Owen Brick succeeds in his mission and therefor saves the alternate world from the war.

The stories by Paul Auster, at least the two stories I’ve read so far ‘Travels in the Scriptorium’ and ‘Man in the Dark’ aren’t too long. Both are well under 200 pages and they are easy reads but at this point I don’t think that I will read another book.

Have you ever read a book like that? Where you close it and you feel completely unsatisfied? I wanted to know what happened to Owen Brick if he was able to solve the war in the alternate universe.


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