Nanowrimo Winner!


As impossible as it seemed for the biggest part of the month I can proudly say I did it! Seven out of seven wins and the best win so far!

Some stats I’d like to share with you:

Word count by day:
Wednesday November 4th804
Thursday November 5th509
Friday November 6th902
Saturday November 7th1519
Sunday November 8th1296
Monday November 9th1877
Tuesday November 10th1076
Wednesday November 11th956
Thursday November 12th1101 – 10K
Friday November 13th730
Saturday November 14th5065
Sunday November 15th3553
Monday November 16th304
Tuesday November 17th796 – 20K
Wednesday November 18th516
Thursday November 19th0
Friday November 20th0
Saturday November 21st2024
Sunday November 22th1291
Monday November 23th2210
Tuesday November 24th659
Wednesday November 25th801
Thursday November 26th0
Friday November 27th6000 – 30K
Saturday November 28th5552
Sunday November 29th3231 – 40K
Monday November 30th8212 -50K

That means that I had nine days where I reached the daily word count target or blew past it. Six days with a zero as a word count. My magic word count line was at 5000 words, I surpassed that number 5065 (14th)-  6000 (27th) – 5552 (28th) – 8212 (30th). I got my work cut out for me next year!

National Novel Writing Month 2015-11-30 20-37-22

There is another post coming up about my story and the changes I made, since this was a re-write of last years project. Because I think that these changes made my story better.

And about the way that I used Scrivener, because that program is awesome! It helped me a lot during Nanowrimo.


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