The countdown


This has been by far the strangest Nanowrimo week I’ve ever had. Even after this month, this particular week really topped it! I have been talking about all of this ‘crap’ that has been going on all month and today on the 25th that all sort of came to a conclusion of sorts. It’s not solved and it wont be for probably a long time. But I have found some piece of mind again. I’ve had a really difficult year at my job which literally started on the morning of my first work day of this year and concluded on this day. And as I’m saying this I also want to say that I am relieved because I can finally move on, I want this upcoming year to start on a positive note. I don’t know if it is possible to actually make that happen but I really hope so.

The 801 words I wrote today were not necessarily words I wanted to write but words I had to write. Since this is for a huge part reason why I’m so far behind I decided to add these words to my word count. Literally since this month started it has been an uphill battle and I want to see if I can still manage it.

Wednesday November 25th – Word count Wednesday: 801

There is so much I have to take care of because of that work related situation that I had literally no time left to spend on my story. I spend most of my day on the phone, seriously my cellphone and my land-line have never before gotten this kind of a work out it’s a wonder they didn’t blow up.

Thursday November 26th – Word count Thursday: 0

I thought that that 5000 words in a day was my max, but apparently it wasn’t. On November 27th I managed to write 6000 words. Even though I had already given up on winning Nanowrimo this year it kind of feels like it’s possible … I could theoretically still make it. I don’t wish this way of being able to get through Nanowrimo upon anyone but maybe this could be the one positive thing that gets me through this month.

I had a terrible sleep I was awake most of the night, first I couldn’t get to sleep and then I kept waking up and couldn’t get back to sleep and at 7.30 in the morning I was up again. I decided to give up on sleep and get some writing done. At first I wanted to work on my story. The first appointment of the day would be at one in the afternoon so I had some time to spare.

First I needed a breakfast, I made myself a couple of sandwiches and some tea and I sat down at my desk. I started writing at eight in the morning and didn’t stop till eleven in the morning and that was when my phone started ringing off the hook. I wanted to start writing on my story but I decided to write down a ‘small’ compilation of this past year and what the situation resulted into.

In my mind it was going to be a couple of dates and small entries which explained what happened. In the end it was huge. By the end of yesterday I was at 4500 words and this morning I continued writing because I came up with some other important and choice defining moments during this year. The file is now 5955 words long and in the next couple of days I will be adding more details.

So I had a word count of 4500 words on that file yesterday which I also decided to add to my word count for Nanowrimo because believe me it reads like an unbelievable story. And during the write-in at the Library besides all the talking I did about my situation I added another 1500 words to the daily counter. Which gave me a grand total of 6000 words.

I’m now at 34k … and given to the fact that I have no real plans for Saturday, Sunday morning or Monday besides some phone calls I might just make it. It could be do-able … I’ll keep you posted, these last couple of days might just safe me! And give me one positive thing about this month which has otherwise been a terrible situation which I don’t wish upon anyone, ever.

Friday November 27th – Word count Friday: 6000

National Novel Writing Month 2015-11-28 13-08-03


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