Day five – 1000 words

Nanowrimo 2015 ParticipantThis is the worst start I ever had to Nanowrimo.

It was not what I expected when I started on November first. On a personal level so much has been going on that I have barely gotten around to any writing this week. I literally passed the first thousand words tonight and it’s really not motivating that the stat tells me I’ll finish on June 19th. Thank you for that!!!

Really though, this is difficult. It has nothing to do with writing or creativity. I want to write, it’s just that all the stress of this past year has build up to this particular week and it’s not a make or break kind of deal. What happens during this month can change drastically from day to day. Even minute to minute and I am not exaggerating when I say that.

I literally don’t know where I stand right now, next week or at the end of the month… There is so much going on and it really could go either way and somewhere in the middle of all that stress I have to find the time to write. Not an easy thing to do which is obvious by the stats below.

National Novel Writing Month 2015-11-05 21-38-50

I hope that my next post will be a more positive note, but I really don’t know.


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