Better get your ***t together!

It’s time, time to get your shit together! The beginning of Nanowrimo is near, November is about to start and there are only two full days left for your preparation. Around me I hear sounds from different writers who are ready to start, either because they are ready with their outline or simply because they are pantsers. And start with a blank screen and a (hopefully) full mind on November first.  Other’s are getting frustrated with too many ideas and some just don’t know what to do. Everyone has their own approach to Nanowrimo and that is what makes it fun, you can learn so much.

As I’ve said before I’ve been working on my outline for a while. And I have answered many questions to get the creative juices flowing and get some new ideas. I didn’t finish my outline, simply because I can’t. I know where I want my story to go however at this point I don’t want to settle just yet. My outline goes from the start to just past the midpoint of the storyline and that is as far as I want it to go at this point. I think that while I’m writing the rest of the storyline will become clearer to me. Especially since I have to see how some of the characters interact throughout of the story.

Since I’m going to work on a rewrite for last years story the boards I created on Pinterest last year still apply for a big part. So I kept them and I will be adding to them when I find something I need or want to use. I like to keep it all in one place and using Pinterest means that I can access that information from anywhere. Which is a big plus!

Carepackage update

Per instructions on the package I’m not allowed to open it before November first. So I’m waiting … even if it’s difficult since I’m way too curious for my own good. So it’ll be Sunday night before I can actually open it since I won’t be home this weekend.

I’m so ready to start Nanowrimo!!!


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