Book 16-17-18 The Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden

While I Live - John MarsdenIncurable - John MarsdenCircle of Flight - John Marsden

As far as I can now foresee the new country which basically starts at the end of Ellie’s farm doesn’t get a name. Neither is the country of the enemy named and since this has been the way John Marsden has written all the other books from ‘The Tomorrow Series’ I’m very confident that it will always stay that way. Reason for him to write the stories this way is obviously the fact that he choose to write about a real country at war in our world at our time where there obvious wasn’t one. He choose a setting and a time that he was familiar with – the here and now of twenty years ago – and filled it with his own stories.

At the time that I started writing this review I’ve finished the first book and started reading the second book. As I said in my last review of the last book of ‘The Tomorrow Series’ I had decided that I wanted to try and see if it would be easier to read all the books in the series and write a review about them. Mainly because it turned out to be quite hard to write a review without wanting to spoil any mayor events. But by the time I reviewed the next book, the events from the previous book were hard to deny or avoid in the reviews. There is as far as I know now one spoiler I can’t avoid no matter how hard I try.

Book 16 – While I Live

At the end of the last book in ‘The Tomorrow Series’The Other SIde Of Dawn – Ellie is reunited with her mother and her father is on the first bus that comes into Wirrawee. Fi and Homer are also reunited with their families. And Lee is reunited with his little brothers and sisters, his parents died so he’s responsible for them and decides that living in the city will be better for them. And Kevin chooses to leave Wirrawee as fast as he possibly can. A lot has changed in Australia and due to the war part of Australia has been named a new country for the people who want to settle there. Ellie and her family is lucky, they get to return to their own farm, even if they loose part of it to the new country and another part to people who lost their homes in the war. They try to make the best of the situation but it’s still a very dangerous and hostile environment. Gavin – the deaf eleven year old boy from Stratton – has no where to go and Ellie’s parents take him in. Gavin and Ellie go back to school and things seem pretty normal until one day Ellie’s parents die.

As tragic as that situation might be for Ellie, she needs to keep on fighting. This time against the unjust which is being done to her by the grown-ups around them. Ellie’s not a grown-up yet, even after everything she did she’s still considered a child and the fact that she wants to keep the farm running is not in her hands. However Ellie’s a smart girl and she won’t just give up not even when everything is literally against her. With the help of Gavin and occasionally Homer, Fi and Lee she keeps the farm going to the best of her ability.

Book 17 – Incurable

Ellie and Gavin have settled into their life at the farm and they have been managing quite well, seeing how it is just the two of them most of the time and they are both still going to school during the day. For a while Ellie has been suspecting that most of her friends – Homer, Lee, Jeremy, Jess and Bronte – are involved in ‘Liberation’. A group of people in the Wirrawee area who cross the border to help Australian prisoners of war escape from the enemy. She even thinks that Homer might be one of the leaders but he’s very secretive about it, telling her that she might meet the leaders one day if she agrees to become part of Liberation. Ellie declines, she’s too busy trying to keep the farm going while she also tries to keep Gavin in line and make sure that both of them go to school. It’s a lot of responsibilities for someone who’s not even an adult yet. No matter how hard she tries to stay away, she keeps getting pulled into post-war situations, where she has no choice but to step in even if she isn’t a member of Liberation.

Book 18 – Circle Of Flight

With Ellie being pulled into actions set up by Liberation – against her will – she is the one who gets a target painted on her back. Somehow the enemy figured out that some of the Liberation actions have originated from Ellie’s farm. Liberation tries to do what they can to keep Elllie and Gavin safe but it’s not enough. Gavin gets taken away, even despite the caution they take when the arrive home. Ellie – who sees Gavin as the only family she has left – has no choice but to go after him. Even if that takes her over the border into the heart of an ‘enemy’ city. With the help of Liberation and their informants she eventually gets there.

The end, or is it?

Obviously I’ve reached the end of the last book, ten books in total. As with ‘The Tomorrow Series’ I’m glad that I read these books too. It took me a little longer than I would have liked. But since I started reading the books about ‘Outlining your Novel’ I shouldn’t complain.

When I first read on ImdB about the television show which is in the making it was just an announcement page saying that they were making it, yet there was hardly any other information. Today I checked back and they have added cast and crew members and some filming locations. Apparently this is happening! After some googling I’ve found a Facebook page and some other pages. So this is really happening! And even after reading all of these books and now knowing everything about Ellie Linton and her friends there is to know, I’m still looking forward to this television show.


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