The countdown has started!

cropped-nanowrimo-2015-participant.jpgIt’s October first and for me – and a lot of other people – the official countdown has started.

The countdown to Nanowrimo, the countdown to a month filled with writing. And I am so excited! I love this month, I never expected that I would ever say that. Because in the past November was always that strange meaningless month. In October the weather can sill be really nice but in November it can be quite cold and in the mornings it takes long before the sun goes up and it goes down again really early in the afternoon. No matter how hard I tried November would never have the warm and cosy feeling that December has. Nor does it have the new feeling that January gives me. It’s old and boring and you are ready for something new and you basically know that you won’t get it for a while.

Since I started participating in Nanowrimo I’ve learned to love this month. I have found the warmth I needed in this cold month in the friends I’ve gained. Writing gives me something fun to do during those cold and dark days.

I started participating in November of 2009 and so far I’ve participated and won every time. It doesn’t matter how well you do, just the sheer fact that you have accomplished something like this gives you an amazing rush. And sharing that with a couple of friends who I’ve met through Nanowrimo is a great thing, because lets face it no one understands what it is that you’re doing or why you’re doing it. I’ve had people ask me if it’s just random words that I’m writing. My answer was obviously well yes, random words which form sentences and in turn make a story. Depending on the type of story you choose the words you need at random. Seriously, why would anyone write 50 000 words, what would you do, just start at the front of the dictionary and continue writing till you hit the 50k? I don’t know, I think that it’s a pretty weird question, maybe that’s just me.

Writing has been a creative outlet for a while. And while fanfiction has mostly been my way to do that I want to write a story, an original one. I’ve no idea how well I will do at it. So far I haven’t been doing too well, story-wise. I have been working on two original stories over the past three Nano editions. The first time I worked on ‘Mirrorland’ I was content with the way the story was going however I knew that the story was too passive, not interesting enough. So a year later I tried again, the results were better yet I knew that I wasn’t doing the story any justice. For now that story is in the fridge. I think that I can do better.

Last year I started writing another original story for which at that time I didn’t have a title. As I explained in my last post ‘Writer’s block – Part II’, that story beginning was way too slow. So this year I will continue the rewrite I started working on in April and hopefully with better results. For now I’m calling the story ‘Silver Lining’, maybe that name will stick maybe it won’t well see how things go once November really starts.

I’m getting ready for another great month of Nanowrimo writing fun! Are you going to participate? If you’ve never participated before and you want to join go over to the website and join the forum. If you want to participate in kick off’s, meetings or thank God it’s over parties join the Regional forums and connect with people who live in your country or region. You’ll have a blast, I’m sure of it.

Those are my reasons for participating in Nanowrimo. If you want to give Nanowrimo a try, join the forum. Just a little warning ahead from today until the 5th the Office of Letters and Light is working hard to prepare the forums for a new round of Nanowrimo which means that the website and forums might be acting a little weird. But that’s just temporary, nothing to worry about.


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