Writer’s block – Part II

Writer's blockA while back I talked about my writer’s block and I guess that in a way I am still struggling with it. I still haven’t written a word since that day – except for a couple of book reviews that is – since I wrote that last post. But the reason is very different this time. I had my two week summer vacation and while I might not have been writing I have been thinking about the story I tried to write during Nanowrimo in 2014 and partly started to re-write (for the better) during Camp Nanowrimo in April of this year. The more I was thinking about it the more flaws I could see. Annoying as that might be, I think it’s a good thing because I’m finally giving it the thought it deserves. I’ve always known that writing a book is a long and sometimes even a tad bit tedious when you keep going back over scenes or ideas to change things around.

I’ve always known that I needed to do more research before I actually start writing because it would make writing a story an easier process. However knowing and doing are two different things. Part of that problem lies in the way that I started writing, almost fifteen years ago. When I really became interested in writing, I mostly – like 99% of the time – wrote fanfiction. Too me fanfiction has always been something which you can choose to make as complicated and as elaborated as you want. But actually writing it is pretty easy. Now please allow me to explain that statement. Writing fanfiction is easy compared to writing an original story. The characters are there, the setting is done and even more importantly the back stories make some sense at least. You take those elements and create your own story. Whether that is a long story or just a couple of hundred words there is a lot of information already there for the taken. And your readers know those details as well, you don’t need to explain every little details to them. It’s easier to bring your thought across to your readers.

And that is what I mean by it’s easy. The writing process is still the same but the research is a lot less demanding. I’m now, in the process of actually understanding how demanding the whole research stage is, and it’s not just the research. It’s everything surrounding it as well, continuity is maybe even more important – or maybe just to me because it’s a pet peeve of mine.

Since I am at the moment unable to write any stories. And now that I’ve tried different things to overcome this writer’s block. Listen to music – for inspiration. Watch television shows in hopes that I get an idea to finish or prolong a certain scene. I’ve even asked my Nanowrimo buddies what they do when they are unable to write and I got some really good ideas which I can try to work on. But at the moment it doesn’t really work that way. I know for a fact that this writer’s block is stress induced. I’m usually really good at working under pressure, though pressure (usually caused by procrastination on my part) is really different from stress. Due to stress I feel uninspired and numb and unless a couple of things change which are unfortunately not in my hands to change I will probably feel this way for a little while longer. I can only hope that I will be back on track when November comes around.

Nanowrimo preparation

So I had to make a choice, I can continue to struggle on with my writer’s block or I can work on my preparation for this years Nanowrimo. At this moment I’m thinking of going forwards with the plan to continue writing the story which I started working on last year. I already started working on the first re-write during Camp Nanowrimo in April. I didn’t write much – only 10 000 words – however those 10k is a lot better than anything I wrote during November. In April I stepped directly into the action while the November version of my story was still building up to the action.

I’m choosing to push my worries aside when it comes to my creative writing and I hope that by the time November roles around I’ll be ready to conquer it once more. It’ll be my seventh year, I can’t believe it has been six years already.

Are you already planning your Nano novel? If so, how do you plan your novel?

Or are you one of those people who just starts writing when November first starts at the stroke of midnight?


3 thoughts on “Writer’s block – Part II

  1. Kristi says:

    November is a good time to shake out the cobwebs and push forward with writing, when it’s been difficult lately. I like that Camp NaNo does that for me too, when I need it.

    I’m still trying to nail down what I want to write this NaNo. I’ve been mind mapping and plotting a new idea, but am actually still open to something completely fresh coming along, to give me a break this year from my normal story world.

    Good luck on your prep!

    • Nepeace says:

      Thank you for your reply. Indeed Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo really helps a lot. Especially with the group of writer-friends I have in my hometown. It really helps to get that extra shove in the right direction whenever you need it. It’s very motivating.

      Good luck with your prepping, plotting and mind-mapping and of course later on with Nanowrimo! It still seems so far away … but it’s here so fast!

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