Book 14 – The Other Side of Dawn by John Marsden

The other side of dawnThe last book in the ‘Tomorrow Series’, I’ve finished it. The whole story consists of 1900 pages, give or take. I can’t believe it! Like I said before – I mentioned it many times, I am aware – I read the first book almost twenty years ago and now in a matter of a couple of months I read all seven books in the series. And I’m looking forward to read ‘The Ellie Chronicles’, the three books which take place after the war.

As this is the last book you might want to know what the other books were about. If you like to read the other reviews I wrote, you can find them here – ‘Tomorrow, when the war began’, ‘The Dead of the Night’‘The Third Day, the Frost’, ‘Darkness be my Friend, ‘Burning For Revenge’ and ‘The Night is for Hunting’.

What can I say about this book, well only one thing really …. the war is over! But in some ways it feels like it’s only just beginning…

‘The Other Side of Dawn’ that title is a pretty big give-away that the war is ending and the people of Australia can turn a new leaf, start a new day. At the same time there is also something really worrisome about the new situation that the Aussies find themselves in.

First let’s go back to the beginning of the book. From Colonel Finley they get the news that the war is at a very crucial turning point and that they – if they choose to take the job (yes, that’s a movie reference) – can make a real difference. Colonel Finley tells them that someone will visit them for twenty four hours, he’ll bring some goodies with him which will help them in their mission to attack and confuse the enemy.

But this book wouldn’t be interesting if everything went according to plan. So I can guaranty you that it won’t go as planned and that is where the real story starts.

You should really read the book to figure out what happens to Ellie and her friends, her family. The farm that she grew up on and the town of Wirrawee.

One thing I figured out while I wrote there reviews…

While I was reviewing these books I kind of ran into a problem. Reviewing one book is one thing, however reviewing a whole series is a whole different matter. It’s difficult, I hadn’t expected that. You are trying not to spoil too many plot points but when you get to the next book the spoiler you didn’t want to give in the previous review has become ‘common knowledge’. And I guess that it is really difficult to write reviews for books in a series.

So I have decided that I want to write an overall review for the seven books. In which I will explain what I thought of the overall story line and the character development as well as my opinion on the best book and my least favorite book.

And when I read ‘The Ellie Chronicles’ I won’t post the review till I’ve finished all three books to see if it will be easier to write review without spoiling the storyline.


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