Writer’s block

wooden-lettersWriting is not something you can do on a whim.

A lot of people might think that writing a book is a joke. It’s not. Not to us anyway, the people who love to write.

It takes time, huge chunks of time to be honest. Time which most people probably won’t want to spend on a single project and even if you’re done with the story. That is basically just a first draft, the beginning of it all. Editing and revision are the next steps and they might take up just as much if not even more time as actually writing the story. However If you are successful that’s of course time well spend. We all know that the chance of being an actual successful published author are very slim at best. Never the less we do spend all that time on it because we have a story in our hard which we want to tell. Or at the very least we need to get it out of our system.

I don’t want to say that November is just around the corner, but this years November certainly is closer by than last years. Each year when November ends, I’ll say, no promise myself, that I’ll keep on writing. December is too busy, there is too much we have to do at work and also Christmas and New Year. January however that’s going to be the month. Or so I thought, that didn’t turn out so well either. A lot changed in January, things I didn’t foresee, couldn’t foresee. The situation brought on a lot of stress and sometimes stress is all you need to get your writing done. OWhile at other times it can completely stop any creative processes in my mind. My job – mostly – was so demanding that I was glad each evening when I arrived home. I made dinner and dropped down on the couch to either read something or watch tv. I didn’t feel the need to write. Neither was I bothered by the fact that I wasn’t writing, that is something which has been quite different before when I had writer’s block. I always wanted to write but couldn’t find the words. I would spend hours in front of my computer or with my tablet or notepad on my lap trying to find the words. In this case however that didn’t happen either. Right up until April not a single word and no urge to write anything either. I guess I was just exhausted most of the time.

My group of writer friends – most of them anyway – decided to do Camp Nanowrimo and at the last moment I signed up as well. I signed myself up to do 10 000 words, which is the bare minimum amount of words you can actually choose to do. It was in an effort to get myself back to writing. And with the help of my writer friends and write ins I did it, I made it through the month and finished my 10 000 words. Don’t ask me how … I can’t give you answer to that but I finished the words. I also managed to throw my whole story around. Honestly I think it’s for the better. It’s makes much more sense this way however it also means that I’m changing literally everything I wrote before during Nanowrimo in November 2014. And that sucks, it makes me feel like my preparation for Nanowrimo wasn’t adequate. Which is probably true. That is usually the problem with my stories, I know what I want to write and while I’m well on my way I think of better and especially more interesting story-lines. That’s really frustrating! Especially since the new and improved story-lines always  require full re-writes of what I already have written before. In the end the story will be better, even if it’s frustrating.

So when Camp Nanowrimo ended in April I stopped writing. Completely. Full stop. One minute I was working on the re-write and the next I seemed to have completely forgotten about the whole project.

May and June passed before I really did anything but when July came around I felt the need to write but I had no idea where to start. I know now that I should really rethink my idea for the story and maybe try to work things out before Nanowrimo starts in November.So I can do some proper work on that re-write.

First however I have to get back into that creative state of mind. I asked my writer friends to give me some ideas, pointers on how to overcome a writer’s block. I haven’t found the solution yet, however I have found some cool new songs and a couple of challenges I’m willing to try.

So I best finish writing this and get back to writing something creative.

Have you ever dealt with writer’s block? How did you overcome it?


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