Book 10 – The Third Day, the Frost by John Marsden

The Third Day, the Frost - John MarsdenThe third book in the ‘Tomorrow Series’! You can find the reviews for the first book ‘Tomorrow, when the war began’ here and the second book ‘The Dead of the Night’ here.

So honestly I finished reading this book the day that I posted my review of the second book. Yes, at this point I’m actually reading faster than I’m posting my reviews and that says a lot. Because I don’t read that fast. Anyway at this point I’m already reading book four, and reading the books so fast one after another makes it kind of difficult to keep the details in check when I’m writing these reviews. So to make it easier on myself I’ve been making lists of keywords and short sentences. Which actually helped a lot in writing these reviews. So, with that being said, let me grab my list and get this review written. Before I finish the rest of the books before I finish this review.

What you should know about this book is that there are two different titles, I have no idea why … but there are two versions – English language versions I mean – the first one is called ‘The Third Day, the Frost’ and the second version is ‘A Killing Frost’.

Some people refer to this books as the ‘Cobbler’s Bay’ book and that is exactly what it is. In fact the title could have been ‘Cobbler’s Bay’ and it would have been perfect as well. Because in this whole book I can’t find the connection between the third day or the frost for that matter. Sure it’s getting colder, it’s the ‘winter season’ in Australia when this book takes place but that is the only connection that I can make to the frost.

At the end of the second book the friends caused a huge explosion in Wirrawee. They make it back to Hell – it’s still really strange to write that ‘going back to Hell’ – but the situation doesn’t really feel safe. It’s obvious that the enemy is still searching for them. The first couple of weeks airplanes keep flying over the area and they constantly have to make sure that they are hidden. Besides that they are all struggling with their feelings and the situation that they are in and the fact that they have been amongst themselves for such a long time. What seemed great when they first went on their camping trip, being able to do whatever you want without parents around to tell you what to do and what not is now weighing down on them heavily. Along with the pain of the friends they have lost one way or another.

After a while they know that they have to find something to do, a goal. They need to get themselves moving again. Homer makes the choice for them, Cobbler’s Bay. It used to be a small marina but now since the war started it has been one of the most important strategic points for the enemy. They have supplied their troops from Cobbler’s Bay and if Ellie, Homer, Lee, Robyn and Fi are able to stop them or at least make sure that their work is more difficult it could mean a great deal to the Australians. Who in some areas are fighting the enemy with the help of New Zealand – who are being referred to as the Kiwi’s. At least that is what they heard on their little radio that they are sometimes able to listen to. But unfortunately so far that is not in their area, so Homer figures that they have to make their own fireworks to let everyone know that they are still alive and free. And if they can harm Cobbler’s Bay in any way that is a risk they have to take. Of course with Cobbler’s Bay being used as a military facility it will be hard to get in and get out again. They agree that they will go down to Cobbler’s Bay and stake it out to see if there is something they can do but that they will pull back if it becomes clear that it is too dangerous. But let’s be honest here, you know that they are going to do something. They have to, there is literally no way they are going to turn around and walk away.

They make their plans and go on their way, on foot because it’s safer with all the farms in the area being colonized and the work parties around. By sheer luck on their way they find a huge surprise. Someone who can really help them figure out the perfect plan to make Cobbler’s Bay a target – their next target. Of course by doing so they put a huge target on their own backs at a cost which might just be too high.

I’m going to leave it at that, you might just have to consider reading the books yourself to figure out who they meet and what might happen. And why the cost is so high.


Morgen toen de oorlog begon

Morgen toen de oorlog begon

I was trying to figure out why this book was published with two different titles (I’m curious, too curious), and during my search – which didn’t give me any real results – I found the book cover of the book that I read when I was a teenager. The Dutch version of ‘Tomorrow, when the war began’. And I want to show it to you, because that cover along with the title was something that caught my attention back then. That was what really made me want to read it. I couldn’t remember exactly what it looked like but I did know that none of the images I saw at Google were the actual cover of the book that I read. Now I know that covers get changed a lot especially in twenty years time. But the second I saw this one I knew that I had finally found it. This is the book that changed me, it changed my view on a lot of different subjects. If it hadn’t changed me in some way it wouldn’t have stuck with me through all of these years. I read a lot of books in my youth, I always had a library card but not one book stuck with me as much as this one did.


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