Camp Nanowrimo – the last week

Instead of looking backwards on a month to tell you how I did I want to look forward and see where I can change the path that I’m on, where I can improve. The way that I have been working on my story and progressing in it has not been going very well. Even though I have only pledged to write 10 000 words this April during Camp Nanowrimo there is a pretty big chance that I won’t make it. And a very, very small chance that I will make it to the end of the month and winning this thing. With literally a week from today to the end of April left and only a grand total of 4085 words. I have my work cut out for me,  with another 6000 words left to write I know what I need to do.

Of course in theory it would still be doable, it’s only a thousand words a night and I’ll make it. Even though I have won every Nanowrimo (the big 50 000 word count November version) I have been struggling from beginning to the end with Camp Nanowrimo. Maybe that’s where I go wrong? Usually I’m looking backwards instead of forwards. I analyze the days or weeks which I have left behind and I know –  I can see where I go wrong or where I can improve. Just now I realized that I have never looked ahead.

Part of the reason why I’ve been struggling of course has to do with the extreme pressure I’ve been under at work, there have been days where I was just too tired to do anything except for staring at the screen or reading. I’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night and most days I wake up tired. If you knew what kind of stress I’ve been under you would agree that it really isn’t a surprise that the creative process has been lacking to say the least.

I’m trying, but the words come slowly. Even with a post like this I keep going over the text and adjusting the words until they feel right. It’s hard for me to move on to the next word, I’m really bad at the not editing part of Nanowrimo. One of the ‘rules’ of Nanowrimo is to just continue writing without editing because you want to make as many words as you can. And sometimes allowing the words to flow from your hands is liberating, however most of the time it doesn’t work that way for me.

I want to look ahead. I was able to write some words today, so that is a good start. As for the rest of the week,  we have another write in planned for tomorrow night at the library. I want to do good, a word count similar to last weeks might do. It’ll at least bring me a whole lot closer to the 10K I need to finish this month successfully. Besides, I need to make it. Common’ I’ve been able to finish Nanowrimo  every year since 2009, 10K should surely be within reach on any given month. I want to finish this story one day, so I better work on achieving that goal.


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