Writing progress

I started my day with a big glass of smoothie (strawberries, banana, orange and ginger) it’s so good. You should try it. I try to do that a lot, it feels good to eat the fruit and it’s healthy. Besides that it tastes good. Anyway it’s the best way to start a day, especially if that it the first day of the weekend. However good my smoothie tastes that is not the reason for me to write this post. Maybe one day I’ll put some recipe’s  up on this website but that is not today.

What I wanted to tell about is my writing progress as the title so obviously states. In all honesty that hasn’t been going too well. I started working on this story during Nanowrimo last year (November 2014) as you might know. And I made it through the month and at the end of it I had 50 000 words to show for it. But during the writing process I had come aware of some mayor flaws in my story both regarding to the time line as well as the storyline. In the first version it took too long to get from one part to the next, it had to go faster or it would be a very dull story which no one would even want to read. So already during November I started writing the second version of my story. Right now I am happy that I did that because it was indeed a lot better, I was  content with the pacing of the storyline. Since I wrote both versions of the first couple of chapters during November I counted them both in my total word count. But that also meant that I had the beginning of my story but nothing else when the end of November came around.

December is always really busy and I didn’t do any writing or look at my story for that matter. Due to some unrelated issues that have been going on during January I didn’t have time to do any writing. Well I had the time but I was just to tired to do anything once I arrived home from work. So when February came around and I finally had some time to sit down and reflect on my story I realized that there is still something missing. And I decided to once again start with a clean slate. I have to do it because I realized that my main character ‘Ainsley’s’  life was too easy. She was supposed to have a bad life, suffer through all kinds of un-fair situations because that would be what made her stronger, the thing which made her more determined to get what she deserves. Which is the base on which my story rests. So I knew I needed to make it more interesting, there needed to be a challenge because if there wasn’t what would be the thing that pushed her to go find what she needed?

So I started with a complete new Scrivener binder and set it up exactly the way I like it. Transferred the files I would still need and a complete copy of my Nanowrimo 2014 project and I started my re-write. And so far I’m really happy.

However this is something which always happens when I try to start a story. I always end up getting better ideas which require an almost complete rewrite.

I really struggle to write a story from start to finish.

Does anyone else have that problem? And if so, how do you deal with it? Do you at one point just say the hell with it and just keep on writing till you reach the end. It’s really hard for me to get past this beginning.

Let me know.



5 thoughts on “Writing progress

  1. Jay Dee says:

    It isn’t an easy thing to finish something. I tend to have trouble thinking of an appropriate ending. I think the ending of my WIP is decent, though it’s meant more as a beginning.

  2. iggy23 says:

    I’m always wondering how people got about writing for NaNoWriMo because the thought of writing a full length book makes me all sweaty and stuff. I could serve you up a short story or flash fiction any time but writing a whole book? Nah, that’s too tough. Great perseverance is needed and I’m sure you have it 🙂 Another reason why I write short stories is because I’m somewhat like you; I have better ideas at the end of my stories and that’s fine by me. That’s why I can leave the finished story alone and start on another, then I’ll compare them somewhere in the future to see how I improved. But I guess if I have difficulty starting, I’ll write out my outline so I can follow it closely or add in parts which I feel suits the story better. Good luck in your writing!

    • Nepeace says:

      The problem for me is that when I try to write a short story I keep on adding more and more things so a short story in my case never stays a short story. But with a novel type of story I struggle with finishing it.

      Writing is quite difficult but then again if it would be easy it would be no fun. It doesn’t matter in which form you write I guess that every type of writing has it’s own difficulties.

      Maybe I should try to do some short stories and see where that leads me. I used to write short fanfiction stories, challenge stories and stuff like that… why did stop?

      Anyway thanks for your reply and good luck with your writing as well! 🙂

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