I gotta admit it … Scrivener rocks!

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and you gotta admit it!


I started writing from the perspective of a fan. I was completely into role play on forums for a while (way back when…) and I was reading fanfiction as well. But role playing didn’t go fast enough, I felt like I was always waiting till someone else would post something so I could react.¬† And one day I got challenged by a fellow role player, she asked me why I didn’t try to write fanfiction, so I could write my own story and write it as fast or as slow as I wanted to write¬† it. That’s why I started writing fanfiction. But the thing is – unless you write AU (Alternate Universe) stories. The setting, the characters and the all that basic information is already set.

So for years yWriter was more than enough for me. And I have used it for a long, long time. But two years ago I started working on my first original story. And that honestly didn’t go too well. I had an idea – an idea which I still whole-heartedly believe in – and I started working on it the same way I plan for a fanfic.

Which of course doesn’t work because there is so much more you need to know. And honestly I thought that I could come up with it on the spot. But of course I couldn’t. So I ended up with 50 000 words of crappy story. I pushed it aside because I knew that it wasn’t working at all. But the story kept begging me to take another look at it. So last year I decided that I would do a rewrite, so I started working on ‘Mirrorland 2.0’. The basic storyline idea was the same as were the characters but everything else I changed around.

This time the result was a whole lot better. But still there were some pretty big gaps and some science fiction stuff (alternate universes) which I don’t have an solution for yet. So I tried writing in December but after November it’s really difficult to continue writing, work is extremely busy and besides that there’s also the holidays. Eventually I have to admit that I haven’t opened the file in months. I know there is a story and I really feel like it could be something interesting but right now might not be the right time for this story. So I put the file aside, for a later time.

However let’s get to the point of this post because that was Scrivener, right. The thing is, yWriter is a great program which has really served me well in the past. But I felt like the preparation for my new story needs more. So I started reading up on Scrivener, because I know that a lot of people love that program.

And I have to admit that it has a lot of special little features which are really helpful, you just have to figure it out. This guide especially helped me on my way. I used Katytastic’s video – which I have mentioned in a previous post – to help me on the way. I find it really hard to set up say ahead of time how many words my story is going to take or how many chapters for that matter. So by using the 3 acts of 9 chapters guideline I was able to figure it out, or at least set up a plan for my story. About half of it has been planned out, just a basic outline. Nothing more so no details yet, I’ll fill them in when I get to writing that particular chapter. The other half hasn’t been planned at all, I’m not really sure yet what will happen in that second part of the story.

I’ve used Scrivener to keep all the research and ideas I have together and it’s definitively one of the benefits of the program that you can literally add all types of files to it. That’s a definite plus for this program. Because that is not an option for yWriter you can only add text to it. And in Scrivener I can add pictures, PDF files and more.

The only thing I miss right now is an option to create a timeline. I really hope that this option might be added one day, but until that they I guess I’ll be using Aeon Timeline. Which is a really good program – I used it last year – as well and gives me all the options I want. Besides once I made the timeline I can always import it into Scrivener. I’m an extremely chaotic person but for some reason I like my writing to be organized. And I really like the way that Scrivener gives me the options to keep everything organized in one place.


I made a Pinterest account a couple of weeks ago and I have been adding pictures to it. All are in some way related to my story or Nanowrimo in general. Either it’s character ideas, location ideas, clothing ideas, writing tips or Scrivener. So there might also be some tips which you could use. Right now Pinterest is the place where I add every picture I like or want to remember. But once I actually use a picture for a location – for instance – I will also add it in my Scrivener binder and that is how I will keep everything organized.


The countdown has started, four days till the actual Nanowrimo 2014 kick off!!!