Long time no posts …

Yes, I know here I was with all my good intentions and now it´s been almost a month – wait it´s been a month (!) – since I last posted something! Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun!

And that is exactly what I’ve been doing, I’v been working (more than usual) and I had a lot of appointments during the weekends, some which even got me away from home all weekend or I had visitors who slept at my home. And I really couldn’t tell them to just take a seat on the couch and wait while I write a post for my blog. That would have been weird! Although it would have been quite funny to see the reaction to a statement like that!

And lets not forget that my sister got married, usually that takes away a day … maybe a day and half. But in this case it took away almost a week and a half from my usual schedule. On the first Saturday my sister and her husband got married by law here in the Netherlands and the next Saturday they had the church wedding in Hungary. Which was awesome! Both weddings were beautiful and it was really special to see my brother in law’s hometown and family. However since we didn’t just want to fly out to Hungary for the wedding we decided to make a small vacation out of it and it was an awesome vacation. We went to Budapest for the second time and it kind of felt like coming home. It’s a beautiful city and I really felt at home there. I talked about Barcelona a couple of weeks back and that city still is my number one, but Budapest really is a close second. I love old buildings and both in Budapest as well as in Eger they are really working hard to restore the old buildings to their former state.

And I would recommend visiting Budapest to anyone who’ll listen to me and to prove it to you I’ve added some pictures to this post.



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