Writing 101 – Day 9

I’ve been trying to do these past two assignments but it’s not working right now. I’m really struggling with the assignment for day seven. I just can’t get my head around it but I’m not giving up. Not yet. I will get back to it and I will get it done. For the other assignment I have to go outside or to a public place and describe what’s going on. But right now is not the time to go anywhere.

I think I might go somewhere on Sunday and do the assignment then. Anyway I decided to on with the next assignment in line which is day 9.

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.

The Daily Post / Writing 101, Day nine – Changing Moccasins — Point of View


The dog, the clown and the cop

Billy’s pov

Every day around the same time in the evening he made the same round through the park and never did anything exciting happen. It was always the same round, and the only thing that ever really changed was the weather and the season. But tonight was different. It was as if everything had suddenly changed. He walked his usually stubborn dog down the path. But instead of staying behind him like he usually would he was now running ahead of him – and instead of pulling the small dog with him he could now barely hold him back.

Billy frowned, it was a strange evening – the sky was a bright pink and the sun was going down ahead of him. Birds took flight, he could hear them whistling a tune, while a soft breeze played with the leafs of the trees above him. It wasn’t that these thing normally didn’t happen because they did, it was just that he never really paid attention to it.

And then he saw it… as did his dog. The pulling on the leash was even stronger now and he couldn’t hold it any longer. The dog pulled loose and ran towards the group of people while he loudly barked. Billy ran after him, loudly calling the dogs name but he wouldn’t listen. He ran past a cop towards the group of people right before he lost sight of his dog and then there was a scream. A loud scream. Had his normally calm and stubborn dog bitten someone or was it just a coincidence?

Officer Woods’ pov

They where on patrol when the call came in that one of the small shops had caught a shoplifter and that they were detaining him and in need of assistance. They had rushed to the shop but upon arrival the shop owner had given the young shoplifter just enough time to escape through the back door.

While his colleague took the patrol car to try to cut the young shoplifter off,  Officer Woods started to run after the shoplifter. He was fast but Officer Woods was a good runner.

His shoes slipped on the tiled floor, but he kept running through the back door and out into a small corridor between a couple of buildings. He could hear car horns honking in front of him. So he knew for a fact that the kid had crossed the road. He pushed himself to run faster in hopes that he would be able to catch up with the kids before he reached the park there where too many possible hiding placed if he was able to get to the park.

Officer Woods ran fast, but he wasn’t fast enough the kid reached the edge of the park when he was about to cross the street. All hope that he would be able to reach the shoplifter in time dropped below zero when he saw the circus tent on the clearing. Families and kids where watching the circus clowns perform outside while they enjoyed the food which was being sold at several different stands. And there was no sign of the shoplifter.

Nevertheless Officer Woods kept up the pace hoping that something would alert him to the shoplifter’s whereabouts. He was lucky enough when suddenly screams erupted from his left side. He quickly turned towards it but before he could reach the group of people on the left side a dog came running.  Loudly barking he alerted the group of people who quickly stepped aside. The barking dog was followed by a loud scream. And calling upon all of his last reserves he pushed himself to run even faster.

Clown’s pov

He was doing a trick for a couple of kids, they where watching him in awe as he juggled with a couple of random objects. He stumbled and turned around – all part of the act of course – the kids started to laugh, especially after he looked sadly when the ball that rolled away from him. He wanted to go after it and stumbled over his own feet. He was wearing those typical way too big clown-shoes, so it was not really a surprise when he stumbled and fell flat on his face. He tried to get up, but he was very surprised when another body collided hard with his. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground once again, the other person fell on top of him. He blindly grabbed the person who fell with him and tried to gain control of the situation.

This bastard was ruining his performance, there was no way that he was getting away with it. He might just be a clown and it might be his intention to make people laugh but there was no reason for someone to push him down to the ground like that. Even a simple circus clown deserved respect.

Then there suddenly was a scream and all movement stopped. The other person was quickly dragged off of him and he tried to get up. For the first time he was able to assess the situation. A boy was pulling on a leash to get the dog away from the man who’d apparently fallen on top of him. While a cop was clicking his handcuffs around the heavily complaining man. The cop easily shrugged the man’s complaints off by telling him that the dog had only put his teeth in the boy’s jeans and that if he hadn’t ran away after he was caught shoplifting he wouldn’t have been bitten at all.


Honestly, I have no explanation for this, none at all.

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