Writing 101 – Day 6

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.

Our stories are inevitably linked to the people around us. We are social creatures: from the family members and friends who’ve known us since childhood, to the coworkers, service providers, and strangers who populate our world (and, at times, leave an unexpected mark on us).

Today, write a post focusing on one — or more — of the people who have recently entered your life, and tell us how your narratives intersected. It can be your new partner, your newborn child, or the friendly barista whose real story you’d love to learn (or imagine), or any other person you’ve met for the first time in the past year.

The Daily Post / Writing 101, Day six – A Character-Building Experience

A character-study

I know this girl – or actually a woman, cause by all means she is a woman – who I’ve actually met years ago. So in that aspect she wouldn’t qualify for this assignment however for reasons which are at this point unimportant we hadn’t talked in a long, long time when all of a sudden – really out of the blue she sent me a Whatsapp message. The strange thing was that I right before I received that message had been thinking about her but I didn’t have the courage to send a message yet.

I honestly had no idea but apparently I wasn’t the only one who’d been thinking about our previous friendship. It’s interesting how those things work sometimes. She sent me a message and I responded. There was no reason why I wouldn’t respond, even though it took some time before I knew how to respond. I wanted the friendship back but at the same time something was holding me back. Probably partly because I have trust issues, anyway I did send a message back.

And since that moment we’ve been messaging back and forth and just like our friendship started all of those years back when we only had MSN to talk to one another, we’re now using Whatsapp and Tumblr. And I’m glad that we have our friendship back because ever since I met her I’ve known what a wonderful and strong person she is and I’m glad that she’s part of my life again. She’s a good person to have by your side. She’s one of those people who’s always ready to talk and give advice and makes you feel completely at ease. She’s positive, loyal and helpful even despite all the things she had to go through in life and life certainly didn’t hand her an easy card. She’s one of those people who will never judge you for what you went through but who will always try to understand you. If you need her she’s the one in your corner, but she’s also honest enough to tell you differently if you need to hear it. I hope she finds in life what she’s looking for and I hope that I get to have her in my life for a long, long time and see how things turn out for the both of us.

Maybe it’s strange that I choose this particular person – since at one time in my life I felt like she might be more than just a regular friend. But our timing has been off … it has been off all along. So that hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would and in the back of my mind I guess I always thought that we would get together one day. Maybe not now … but in the future though recently I found out that we’ve both got really different ideas of what that future might look like and it’s one of those things which is essentially a deal breaker. And while I understand her position on the subject and it is a deal breaker on my end I wanted to include this in the assignment because it also shows how important and special this particular person is.


I’m sure that she knows I’m talking about her and if she wants me to take this down I will, but for now it’s up.




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