Camp Nanowrimo

For some reason I thought that I had posted this but it was still a draft. So here it is – better late than never!


It’s a bust … I didn’t make it.

But that’s okay, today is the last day and in my timezone I have a couple of hours left. However I am not going to make it, I know that for sure. I need to write about 4000 words to reach the goal I set which was 25 000 words. Despite the fact that I didn’t make it I’m proud of myself.

I did way better than I expected. I actually got ahead in the story I’m writing and  as you’ve been able to see in these last couple of blogs I started working on the ‘Writing 101’ course provided by The Daily Post. Which has really inspired me.

And I did write 20 000 words so that’s pretty damn good for a month in which I had a lot of other stuff which needed to happen. And there have also been times where I just wanted to be outside instead of inside writing. I did spend one evening writing with the awesome and amazing ‘Epic Blue Unicorn’ group. Which is a group of Nanowrimo writers from my hometown, with whom I’ve been meeting since this past November.

Something else entirely…

19714_topSomething else which I s want to post here is that I’m totally in love with my new headphones, they are crazy big and black and blue but I love them they have such wonderful sound. I love listening to music, play video games and listen to ASMR videos to relax and I feel like these headphones give me the chance to close out the world and give me a wonderful representation of  the music, games or ASMR which I’m listening too. I love it, I really do. The sounds are really full and warm and at the same time really clear and the bass comes through really nice as well.

Another really big plus is that these headphones are really big which means that they fit around my ear nicely and that’s really important because I wear glasses and with other headphones they often after a while started to hurt the top of my ears where the headphones put pressure on my ear against the leg of my glasses. Besides that these are the type of headphones which DJ’s can also use. So the part which covers your ear can be turned 19714_front1around as well. And that makes them extra comfortable.

I know that this is not really a professional review or anything because I’m not good at all the terms which you can use to describe sounds but I really think that these are the best headphones I’ve ever had.

Usually I use those small in-earphones, but the sound the give me is not nearly as nice as these headphones are.

The reason why I’m writing this here is actually really simple. I am usually really easily distracted by things around me and these headphones allow me to close myself off. Which is perfect when I’m trying to write. Because listening to an ASMR video or to music doesn’t distract me at all but outside sounds are often extremely distracting.

Anyway, I’m not making any money off of this, but I would really recommend the Urban Revolt Rimix headphones.


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