Writing 101 – Day 5

You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.

The Daily Post / Writing 101, Day five – Be brief

Succinct – characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse.

I have to admit – I’m not native English-speaking – so the word ‘succinct’ is not a word which I knew so I had to look it up to make sure that I had the right idea for this assignment in my head. Before I actually started thinking about it.

Version 1 – The letter

It wasn’t something I would normally do, open a letter which wasn’t addressed to me. But the original address on the envelope had faded what looked like a long time ago. I unfolded the letter inside and my eyes flew over the words.

The words written by a soldier many, many years ago obviously meant for a loved one. Suddenly a single thought came to mind. What if this was the last letter this soldier had written to his lover and what if he never made it home? What if they would never know how much he missed them?

There was only one thing I could do, I needed to find either the person who wrote this letter or the person who the letter was intended for.

Version 2 – The letter

He went away in a shiny new uniform to defend his country, he never came back to the place he loved so much that he wanted to risk his life for it.

Version 3 – The letter

He left his beloved country to defend it, he never came back.



The first version was pretty short especially for someone who loves details, then I decided that I could do a shorter version … and an even a shorter version.


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