What have I been up to …

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. I don’t know why exactly I guess I didn’t have a whole lot to tell.

So what’s there to tell right now? Let’s see, I recently got a tablet. A Samsung Galaxy Tab3. I love it. I play games on it, I look things up and I write. I mostly use it for writing. I am so in love with my tablet. I use my Dropbox to backup my stories (which all goes automatically) and on my tablet I use Jota+ to edit files and add new files. And once I’m on my desktop PC I use yWriter to keep all the files in one place. For me, that is the perfect way of working on a story.

Before – since I only have a desktop PC – the only way of working on a story was seated behind my computer or handwriting my notes and update them once I was behind my computer. So I used to have all these notebooks laying around with notes, parts of chapters, random conversations and characters analysis. And it was at times a really messy and chaotic way of working, but for years it had been the only way. So this new way of writing really took a little while to get used to but I’m getting into it. If I have trouble writing the next scene I just make a new file and continue with another scene. And I no longer have to spend time writing by hand and them writing on the computer. But I’ve also noticed that I’m now reading and rereading and editing my writing over and over again.

As long as it makes my writing better I don’t mind. Writing is still one of my favorite things to do and I know that I’m slowly updating my story but I’ve put a lot of time into what’s next for my two leading ladies. And I know what I want. Drama is ahead…

Now on a completely different note…

Lately I was having some really annoying issues with my Wi-Fi connection. And that really sucks with the said tablet and my phone. My landline, television and regular internet worked perfectly but the Wi-Fi quit on my every chance it got. Which is highly annoying especially since I need my Wi-Fi to keep my files in sync and you can’t just connect it to a cable like you could do with a laptop. So I called the provider and the first thing he did was check the connection and all channels worked perfect and there was no one else using any of them. Now I live in one of the biggest cities in my country – and by all means my city is not big compared to some cities in the world but still it’s impossible to have no one else using the channels. Especially in an apartment building with mostly young people all around me.

So he figured the antenna was broken or something was badly interfering. He asked if my computer or telephone where near to the antenna, which was indeed the case my computer was only about 30 centimeters away as was my land line, which could both cause interference. Anyway the tech guy who talked to me send me a new antenna and told me to create more distance between my computer and the antenna even if it the set up hasn’t been changed in years it could apparently suddenly interfere. Don’t all me how that’s beyond me.

However creating more distance would mean that the cables would once again run underneath my desk and I hate that. It’s so messy!

So I was looking for a solution on the web, I wanted something easy and neat and cheap. That was important too, I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on something like this. So the internet is the best idea source you can have for something like this. There are easy to make, cheap ideas like this for instance. And here are some pictures of my set up, which I made last week;

Tools and stuff

Some tools I used, some rings and screws, velcro, binderclips, a aknife, pen and some other stuff.

2014-05-17 17.28.11

The situation before I started, as you can see, the cables were everywhere and I had already tangled my feet in them a couple of times. It looked messy and it annoyed me to no end.

2014-05-17 20.38.51

I used screws and rings to attache the velcro strips on the desk, with the velcro I attatched the poweroutlet (with a switch) to my desk. I also screwed the binderclips to the desk then I started the process of putting all the cables in place. There are nametags on every cable telling me exactly what they are. So no more messy nests of cables underneath my desk.

2014-05-17 21.06.55

The end result, no more messy cable nests on my floor, a clean desk and the only visible cables are the ones for my headphones and my Xbox 360 PC controller. But these need to be on this side of the desk if i want to use them and whenever I’m not using them I place them on top of my computer out of sight.

This solution works really well, is easy to do and it looks amazing, and if you need a cable to come loose or add another cable all you have to do is open the binderclips. So this is a recommendation from me to you. Consider it, most people probably have most things they need already laying around the house the only thing I really had to buy were the binderclips (these are the really big binderclips) and those were less than ten euros for six clips.


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