Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year! I hope that this year will be the year in which all your dreams come true. A year in which the world around you becomes a better place, a brighter place in which you’ll be able to live your life the way you want to. That is what I hope for in 2014 for everyone!

2013 in hindsight

For me personally 2013 has been an interesting year. It was a good year for sure but certainly an interesting one. I think that I can say that I have changed a lot and learned a lot this past year. That’s just in general of course because that’s life. However 2013 really feels like a good year. Honestly though time flew by and I can’t really believe that we’re already at the start of new year.

I did a lot of sports this year past year, some running (although that has been hard because I’ve been dealing with shinsplints – but I really want to start running again and I’m going to try and see if I can do it), some mud-catching on my mountainbike and getting into that completely relaxed state during yoga. If you told me just two short years ago that I would be interested in yoga I would have laughed… laughed really hard. I would have never believed that I would like it but it feels so incredibly good. I’m going to sign up for a class at the end of this month. What I did least year was a 6 week introduction into the basics of yoga.

Another thing which really changed me this past year is ASMR. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, every night. For as long as I can remember. The main problem is that I can’t stop thinking about basically everything as soon as I lay down at night. The things I think about while I should be sleeping can be anything really from work to storyline’s to the most silly subject you can think of. And I’m prepared to do a lot, but I refuse to take medication or something like that. So if there is something else I can try, I will try it. You can’t imagine what it’s like if you don’t struggle with it. So I was introduced to ASMR which is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is the tingly sensation you might sometimes experience, you usually feel it on the back of your head, neck and back.

Anyways there are tons of YouTube movies which are dedicated to ASMR, and lots of wonderful artists also often called ASMRtists. Who put huge amounts of time and creativity into their videos. They are extremely talented and their videos are a huge gift to people like me. I listen to the videos almost every night. And they help me fall asleep much quicker than anything ever before. It’s perfect. And let me tell you these people love it when you tell them that you’ve fallen asleep while you were listening to their vids. It honestly changed a lot for me. I’m now able to relax as soon as I lay down in my bed. So if you struggle with falling asleep check out the ASMR community on YouTube, or send me a message and I can recommend some of my favorite artists to you. I never want to use medication if I don’t have to and if something like ASMR works, there is no reason to go to a doctor and get pills to achive the same result.

During the past year I met a lot of new people through NMLK and Nanowrimo. And I did a lot of new things. But the best part of 2013 was the month November. As you all know November is nanowrimo. And just like the past five years I spend most of my sparetime writing, but that was what I did during the previous November’s as well. So that isn’t really special all that special. There are two things very different which made this November extra special. First of all I spend the month working on an original story. Granted it was the same story I tried to write last year – but while last years story turned out to be a total disaster – but this year was different. I wrote a story which I’m proud of even If I have decided to change a lot about my story. I’m convinced that this new way will improve my story tremendously. And I’m working hard to get it done, I’m not making promises or anything but it is definitively something I keep working on in 2014. And who knows maybe one day you’ll actually get to read it.

The second thing I loved so much about the month November was the fact that I met a group of nanowrimo geeks who really made the month better than I ever could have expected beforehand. I don’t really talk about my writing, most of that is probably because I used to write solely fanfiction. And on the internet it might be quite well known, it’s usually frowned upon when you tell people you write fanfiction. Why would you spend so much time on something so useless. You’re just obsessed with a fantasy world. It’s not a real thing. Are some of the comments I’ve heard over the years. And since writing original stories is such a new thing for me I don’t really bring it into conversations either. So in general I don’t talk about the fact that I write. But I can’t deny that it was really nice to be able to talk to people about my story without being frowned upon. And the fun part about it is that we’re all very different people, who write very different stories and yet we’re able to talk about it to one another. And I think that is a wonderful thing. How one thing can connect a very diverse group of people. We’ve decided that since we were having so much fun we would continue our meetings through the year. We had one in December and we’ve already had our first meeting of the new year. We gathered at the apartment of one of our groups members and we had a wonderful home-cooked Russian Veggie meal and afterwards we actually got some writing done. Of course we’ve also talked and laughed a lot but like I said we did some writing as well. I really liked the fact that we were invited for a meal and while I’m not sure yet when I promise that I will return that favor. I love cooking and I don’t really have a change that often to cook for other people. It’ll probably have to be on a Saturday or a Sunday but it is going to happen! I promise.

In conclusion I can only say that I had a wonderful year and I’m ready to make this year an even better year!


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