Day 30 – NaNoWriMo 2013 WINNER!!!

December first. This past month truly has flown by … just wow!

Has it been a month? Really?

My NaNoWriMo 2013 stats

My NaNoWriMo 2013 stats

I completely lost track time somewhere around the first week or something like that. No, seriously though I can’t believe it has been a month already. But according to my Nanowrimo stats page it has been that long. It’s unbelievable. But I made it!

Yup! All 50 000 words and then some and I did it before the thirtieth (which was the goal I set for myself, I wanted to finish before the thirtieth instead of stressing with literally minutes to spare). I crossed the line on Friday night. Looking at it right now i think that I’m half-way through my story … so basically nowhere near the ending. But I don’t care about that, I am really happy with what I wrote. It’s not a masterpiece but I think that it can be a very entertaining story once it’s finished.

Epic Blue Unicorn

Epic Blue Unicorn

Since the thirtieth was a Saturday we decided that we would have another write-in and while we were all past the 50k  mark we still wrote although we did it while we had some really good gluhwein and home-made cupcakes! Cupcakes made by one of the amazing members of our little group. Due to some really funny situation and conversations in our Nanowrimo write-in group we started referring to our group as the Epic Blue Unicorn group which is a really silly name but as the picture says we do take it very seriously.

We’ve even set a date for a meeting next week, because we all want to continue our stories and meeting each other will certainly hell us to stay on track. I really hope this is going to work out because I really like these meetings and the people in our little group.

So Saturday during the meeting I might have looked distracted, I wasn’t really able to write. This past week I’ve been struggling with my health. I went from a sore throat, to a nasty cold to being extremely tired and not being able to sleep. I didn’t want to stop writing because it would get me in trouble. So I kept pushing on. And Saturday I realized that I was done, finished … at least for the month and it finally gave me the time I needed to think about my story.

I’m really happy with my story, don’t get me wrong – I really like my story. But since the beginning I have been struggling with the way I want to tell the story. At first I was thinking I would write it chronologically. But now that I’ve written part of the story I realized that it might be better if I start telling the story from the second part and tell the first part in flashbacks. My story will be more interesting that way at least that’s what I think. When I started writing I wasn’t sure how I wanted to start my story. I had been struggling with that for a while – even before November first – but I couldn’t find the answer. So on November first I started writing the first chapter, which I quickly realized would be better as a scene later in the story. So this whole month I had a story without a beginning. I knew that there had to be something in ahead of the scene that I wrote, but I had no idea what it would be. And Saturday it suddenly dawned on me. What if I start my story in the alternate universe write that part chronologically and add the scenes which I already have as flashbacks that would work really well.

So Saturday I was finally able to ‘solve that problem’ well not really solve it, I still have to write it all but at least I have now finally a solution. So while it might not have looked like a well spend Saturday afternoon to my fellow writers I can promise you that it was a very well spend Saturday afternoon for me and for my story since I actually wrote the first page of my story after I had already written 50 000 words. And that’s a pretty unique way to end NaNoWriMo. At least the official part has ended. The story will be continued but my first focus right now is the next chapter of another story I was writing before November started since I know that some people are waiting for that new chapter.

But first I’m off to catch some zzz’s for tomorrow is going to be another early day … Monday’s ugh!


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