Day 24 – 40 000 words

So I finally managed to catch up! I actually reached 40 000 words on the day I should reached them. Late in the game … yes, probably. But all in all I’m doing well. This year I have been behind until this day, that’s true however I have been behind just a little bit. The amount of words I was behind is a lot smaller than it was in my previous four years. So that is a goal I wanted to reach for myself and I did it. So I’m proud of that, it’s one of the goals I set for myself.

I’ve already proved that I can reach 50 000 words, so you have to keep things interesting for yourself.

  • Do a proper preparation
  • Original story
  • Original characters
  • Reach 50 000 words before the 30th
  • Make a map
  • Make a timeline
Mirrorland map

Mirrorland map

See, here it is the updated version of my map, not that it really tells you anything but I like it a lot! It looks colorful, it looks as if I threw a bunch of skittles on top of it! 🙂 It looks totally happy but my story isn’t all that … which is why my cover image is the way it is. Dark …. and kind of depressing I guess. But I can promise you that I will make it a story with a happy ending. One way or another. I don’t know yet what the actual ending will be I can make it go in several directions but it won’t be a sad ending that’s for sure.

Okay, this was enough procrastination for now. I have to continue writing if I want to finish before the 30th!


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