Day 23 – 37000 words

So yesterday on the 23th of the month also known as the day of the Doctor I managed to get a whole lot of writing done and catch up as well.

We had another meeting in Eindhoven at the library. I have to say we got pretty cool group of people, I really like them a lot. We hardly know each other but because we’re all writing we do have this connection. And conversation flows really easily. I like that a lot and I’m glad to have them around me. All of them. And while conversation flows so easily it really surprises me that we manage to actually get some writing done. In fact we got a lot of writing done. Actually one of us reached the 50 000 word goal while we were in the library and it was really fun to be there when someone reaches a goal like that! So congrats to her and to everyone else who has already reached their goal and good luck to everyone who’s still working on it – that includes me. I reached 37000 words on Saturday.

Since I don’t own a laptop I do my writing by hand when I’m at a write in and I still managed 800 words written in the couple of hours we were together. And I did some thinking as well – figure out what I wanted to happen next. In which direction I should steer the conversation I was writing and things like that. It was a very inspirational afternoon and when I arrived home I decided to keep on writing because the scene I was writing was going really well. I wrote for a while longer, then I took a break while I watched Doctor Who. It was the 50th Anniversary episode and I really enjoyed watching it. 

I’m proud of this story. Like I said before it might not be a masterpiece or anything like that but I’m still really content with what I’m writing. And for a fanfiction writer that’s quite something. I love fanfiction, don’t get me wrong I still love writing it even after thirteen years. And I don’t want to call fanfiction easy, because you still have to put effort in it if you want to make it good. The story has to be your own, you have to make it your own story. But building characters, worlds and stories from the ground up is a lot more complex than I imagined when I started. Which is why last year didn’t work so well. I reached 50 000 words but just barely and I was really struggling. Once I reached the goal, I didn’t open the document anymore I haven’t edited it … nothing, not a word. I wasn’t content with what I’d been writing, details were vague, continuity was horrible and my characters were flat and basically boring. This time however I really did my Nano prep, I made a timeline and a map. And I worked out a lot of the problems I ran into last year while I was writing. The base of my story might be the same but everything is a lot better worked out. I am feeling a lot better about this story and I am sure that I will make it. 



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