Day 13 – Another Write In

We’re doing well over here in Eindhoven! This will be our third write in and the fourth is planned for the weekend. So I dare to claim that we are doing really well!

I’m at home right now, which normally never happens but someone is here to fix my heater. Not that it was actually broken but something had to be fixed. Which means that I have some extra time to get some writing in and instead of doing just that I’m updating my blog! Procrastination or priorities? I guess a little bit of both. I want to keep everyone updated on my situation but I’m also still trying to think of which part I want to write. I want to write something which I can easily continue in the library tonight since I don’t have a laptop or a tablet or anything. And I need to use the good old pen and paper.

When I participate in a write in because of the use of my pen and paper I have decided to only write down the bare minimum. There is simply no use in me writing down whole stories simply because I have to re-write it once I get home or the next day. And adding details in my notebook is too big a task. So I choose to write quantity instead of quality. On these past two write in’s I had written about 489 and 298 word – or something along those lines and once I got home I used the conversation that I had written down as the base of my next scene and build enough around those words to make it to a word count something around 2000 words. So those scenes – which are some really important key-scenes in my book – helped me a lot. Especially the first one because that was a really awkward kind of conversation to begin with. A scene which simply couldn’t be avoided since it was the way my characters met.

Anyways I’m going to get some writing done, and then depending on the time left back to work and off to the library for the write in! See ya all later!


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