Day 7 – Write in #1

I’m a little behind on my blog and on my story … haha but I have some awesome new stories to tell.

Thursday was my first ‘Write In’ right here in Eindhoven. For those who don’t know what a write in is let me explain it to you. A write in is a gathering of like-minded people who have also decided to use November to write a novel. I know that in some parts of the Netherlands it’s quite popular since they have a large group of NaNoWriMo participants. For instance in Leiden, I know that they have write in’s all year round. But for some reason in this particular part of the Netherlands no real plans have ever been made. At least not that I’m aware of so when someone started the Noord-Brabant write in topic I was there immediately. I really wanted to try again. Even though my first attempt a couple of years ago wasn’t really a success.

This time however it was all different, the meeting we set up would be held in Eindhoven, which is where I live unlike last time when I had to go to another city. So I decided to join up with the idea in the back of my head that if I didn’t like the way things were going I would go home and continue to write. So we decided on the Ikea, they have a huge restaurant area and it’s a good place to meet up. And I loved it. I’m so glad I joined in on the fun. There were four of us, all girls all in the same age-group. So our lives experiences are similar or at least you can relate to one another. And we of course have this whole writing thing in common. So the conversation naturally flowed, and because we are women we talked a lot. But we did some writing too, don’t get me wrong that’s of course the reason why we gathered.

I managed to write about 487 words, which is not a whole lot but I had to write by hand since I have a desktop computer and no tablet or laptop. So I used the old-fashioned method with pen and paper, which is slower since I’m not used to it but at the same time I know that the words I write down by hand will (in my case) always be doubled or even tripled once I type them out. Since I have the habit of adding details to my scenes once I go over them again. I knew that I would be able to reach my set amount of words once I arrived home and typed them out. But being at a place I with other people I had some time to go over the scene I wanted to write. And the restaurant area of the Ikea proved to be the perfect place since this particular scene was going to take place in a similar setting. NO! My story does not take place inside an Ikea store, nope not even this particular scene. The scene I was writing was this extremely awkward first meeting between my main characters.

My MC’s (Main Characters) are two girls around 25 years old. One is an aspiring documentary maker who wants to film a graffiti crew. She wants to show people how much work and creativity goes into the making some of these pieces of art. She has been trying to find a certain group who are responsible for the amazing pieces of art which actually sparks this idea in her. Kayleigh eventually finds them late at night in an industrial area hard at work. She’s afraid that approaching them in the dead of night might not work out and she decides to follow them. Which is of course a little bit of a creepy idea in itselves but it seems to be the best idea. This particular meeting takes place a couple of days later when she actually want to get in contact with the only girl in the crew. She approaches her in a diner and it’s a really awkward scene because Kayleigh has to explain to this girl that she basically followed her home in the middle of the night because she wants to talk to her. She knows that she’s taking a risk but she also believes that honesty is the best way to approach something like this.

I had been thinking about this meeting and I knew that it was going to be awkward but I think that I found a way of managing it without it being too weird or anything. I didn’t really want my other MC Amelia to run in the opposite direction because their love is what connects the two pieces of my story together. So scaring her away wouldn’t really work. Anyway, Kayleigh has to confront Amelia with what she did but in a none frightening way. I think that I managed to do just that. Now you can be the judge;

Scene – Meeting Amelia

I stepped aside to allow some other customers to pass me. It gave me just a little bit more time to think of a way to start the conversation. But truth be told, I still had no clue. I was just as clueless I had been at home. This conversation had been playing through my head, time and time again in every possible way. I knew that I would probably have one chance to convince this girl that I wasn’t some kind of a freak and that her secret was safe with me no matter what the outcome of the conversation would be.
I stepped forward, closer to her table and looked down at her; “Hi, can I ask you a question?”
She looked up and smiled, “Sure you can.”
“Is it okay if I sit down.”
“Go right ahead.” She gestured at the chair across from her at the small round table. I manage to kick against the chair and the already wobbly table before I actually sit down on the chair. Once I do I immediately start to fumble with my coat and scarf. It was because I felt nervous – I knew it and she could probably see it too. “My name is Kayleigh Collova.”
“Are you in one of my art classes?”
“No, no I’m not, you don’t know me. I…” Wow, this is harder than I imagined it would be. “Can I ask what your name is?” I was trying to make this conversation more smoothly but I was failing miserably.
“Ehm, yeah sure … It’s Amelia, but most people call me Amy.”
“Amelia, that’s a beautiful name.”
The red-head shrugged, “My mother is the only person who calls me Amelia.”
My mouth was dry, I quickly took a sip from my cappuccino – it didn’t help. “Okay, Amy … I know that this is a totally weird kind of way to meet someone and I want to be honest with you. You’re probably going to think that I’m some kind of freak but I have to try this. I’m sorry.” I was rambling, I knew and I couldn’t stop the flow words falling out of my mouth.
“Good thing I like freaks.” Amelia offered with a chuckle. “You’re really nervous, just talk. If I’m not interested I will tell you and you will leave me alone. Deal?”
“Deal.” Thankful for her solution to my problem I nodded. I took a quick sip from my cappuccino and started talking. “I was in the industrial area on the North side of the city – the one with all the abandoned factory buildings late last night. Please hear me out, I think … I’m pretty sure that you where there as well. You’re an artist and I recognize your work from the building up on Calgary Road.” I gesture at the note-book which is still in front of Amelia, opened on a page with a sketch of a possible graffiti artwork. The red-head looks down on her sketch book and quickly closes it. She looks around nervously before she focusses her stare straight at me with a fire burning in her eyes. I know that I have to choose my next few words very carefully. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me no matter what the outcome of this conversation is. I’m not here to bust you or anything. Like you I’m an artist too – well kind of anyway. Documentaries, I would like to be a documentary maker and I was looking for a story. Your artwork is amazing, it simply blows my mind. The things you make are so detailed and vibrant. I’ve been staking out places where I noticed an increase in a particular type of artwork, your artwork. A couple of nights ago I … wow, I had no idea how stalkerish this sounded until I’m about to say it but I saw you and two guys work on that amazing piece on the side of the old textile factory up on Calgary.”
She glared at me, I felt as if I needed to come up with a good explanation. “You saw me work on it? But that doesn’t explain how you got here?”
“You’re right. It doesn’t explain how I got here. You caught my attention, but it didn’t feel right to just walk up to you while you where working on Calgary Road. I wanted a chance to explain who I am and what I do. So I waited and followed you.”
“That’s pretty creepy.”
“It is,” I agreed, there wasn’t really anything I could say to deny it. But I stood behind my choice – this was the best option of a variety of choices I had one even worst than the other. “I overheard a conversation about your education. I figured out that this is where you would receive that education and I have been trying to find you ever since that day. I did and that’s why I’m here.”

This is only part of what I wrote that day, I know it’s not perfect but that’s what December is for. Eventually I ended that day at 10422 words, I started at 8732. So I made some awesome progress especially since this scene had been one of the scenes I had been clueless about untill that moment.

I can now absolutely recommend going to a write in, which is something I’ve never done before because my previous experience wasn’t what I had hoped it to be. Maybe it was better now because this time around everyone was new, no one had met previously and we we’re kind of clueless. Last time I met up with a couple of people who obviously knew each other really well and was on the outside looking in. And that was no fun at all, I can tell you that. But I can promise you this meeting was fun, I loved it. I loved  it so much that I have to run now and get ready for yet another meeting with my fellow NaNoWriMo writers. Which will take place in a couple of hours in the bookstore in my city.


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