Day 3 – start 1796/end 3837

The goal for this third day of NaNoWriMo is 5000 words. Since I missed one day I am still behind on that goal but I am going to attempt to make it or at least recover from that one missed day.

Yesterday I ended with 1796 words and that’s my starting point today. I know what I want to write and I have a pretty good idea of where I wanted to start and where I want my story to end. But I still wasn’t sure which chapter would be my first chapter. There are certain scenes which would work well in a flashback form to show the relationship between my two main characters. I am still not really sure how to deal with it meanwhile I’m writing different scenes, which eventually could be placed in different positions of the story.


Kayleigh Anne Collova is an aspiring documentary maker. Lately her city – which usually looks greyish and industrial – has been the canvas for a very talented graffiti crew. She’s impressed by the works that appear on walls everywhere and she starts her own investigation. She meets Amy – a shy woman who is an art college student  – who seems to be part of the crew. It takes a while but she gains her trust and eventually Amy convinces the other crew members to participate in Kayleigh’s documentary – provided that they won’t be filmed in a way that they can be identified. Everyone agrees and Kayleigh starts tagging along, filming and interviewing the artists.

Little by little Kayleigh and Amy get to know each other better and eventually they fall in love with each other. It’s fast and hard and it changes everything between them. They both dream of a future together … until their future is brutally ripped to shreds by a drunk driver.  Amy dies. Kayleigh’s actually there when it happens … she’s broken-hearted and lost. She loses the best thing that ever happened to her.

The police arrives on the scene and while they try to catch the drunk driver who caused the accident they also start to investigate what Kayleigh and Amy were doing on that deserted street in the middle of the night. They find the backpack with spray paint and sketches and they want Kayleigh to name the other graffiti crew members – because they are destroying public property – which Kayleigh refuses to give them since she promised to keep the crew safe.

Kayleigh is being charged for obstruction of justice, destruction of public property and such but she really doesn’t care. Instead of dealing with her feelings she’s being investigated by the police. She loses her day job as a journalist at a local paper and her documentary hasn’t been touched once since the accident.

In an ultimate attempt to get her life back on track, her brother asks her to help him and his friends with a project they are working on. They want her to make a documentary while they – according to themselves are making history, or the future depending on how you look at it.

Devon and his friends are trying to find a way into an alternate universe. It’s been an obsession since they were little. They belief that this earth is just one version of it but that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of alternate universes. Kayleigh is a skeptic, which according to Devon is perfect for the documentary because she will ask questions they themselves would never think of answering if she didn’t ask them. Eventually she finds herself being pulled into their research because of their enthusiasm. And part of her wants to belief that it’s true, that they will find a way into an alternate dimension.

They are able to cross over into the Mirrorland, each time they cross over they have a certain time to spend on the other side. They start exploring the Mirrorland. But what they don’t know is that a special police task force is tracking them. So while seconds count down with the police on their heels Kayleigh makes a choice which brings everyone in danger when her eye catches a very familiar piece of graffiti work on the side of an industrial warehouse.

I realized that I hadn’t posted my plot here. I realize that it’s pretty elaborated but there are still some twists and turns which I haven’t talked about.

I ended this third day with 3837 words, which means that I didn’t make it all the way up to 5000 words but at least I made a little dent into the words I missed on the first day.


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