Day 2 – Zero words

So here I am at the start of day 2 … well actually more like the middle of day 2 since it’s about to hit noon and the current word count is zero!

Yes, this is the worst start! At least in the past four editions I hit the target on the first day, even wrote a little bit more than 1667 words. But like I said Fridays are long days, I have work followed by a yoga class and not a whole lot of time in between. And when I’m home around nine in the evening, I still have to eat something and I go to bed early because I feel so relaxed. So maybe I could have taken the time late last night to write something but I’m trying to do the smart thing here.

But you would probably expect me to jump out of my bed this morning and get behind a computer … right? That couldn’t actually be further from the truth to be honest. I got up at eight this morning – after I spend yet another night this week tossing and turning – and indeed I jumped out of my bed. Since I have a busy day today. So I started cleaning … yes cleaning, put a load of wash in my washing machine and cleaned some more. Watched CSI and took a shower. And now I am here typing this while I’m trying to get ready to go to the store for some much-needed grocery shopping.

So yes, even though I have the weekend off I am at this moment pretty much portraying the classic signs of procrastination. PROCRASTINATION on day 2 of NaNoWriMo!!! That’s bad, so I am going to kick my ass into gear, get those groceries from the store and get back here to finally get some writing done.

So I will report back later today with a better number than zero that is a promise!


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