The road to Nanowrimo and beyond …

I am a writer. I sure am!

Am I good at it?

Probably not, but does that really matter? I don’t think so, I have a passion for writing but I am surely not the next J.K. Rowling. I’m just someone who loves to write, someone who can lose themselves in writing. For the past ten years I have been writing fanfiction, but even before that I would on occasion write a story. Very basic simple stories. I only found my passion for writing when I became involved in reading fanfiction. I got challenged by someone on a forum who told me that someone with my imagination should be able to write stories. I tried it and I got caught up in it. On and off I’ve been writing stories, the first one I ever did was a story about Charmed. But that story honestly never got finished, though it was huge … I had no real plan before I started writing it. Characters from both Buffy as well as Angel made their appearances. Which was a huge range of people to work with. Too much to be honest, hence the reason why it never got finished.

I quickly switched from Charmed to CSI. My first story in this fandom was supposed to be a romantic story between Gil and Sara because that was what everyone was writing … but it didn’t feel right. Not to me however. Unconsciously I started to slowly change my story into a Catherine/Sara romance. I wrote two parts to completion and started writing the third part. Which I didn’t finish, so much had happened in between the start of that story and the third part that it became too difficult to finish it. It’s a lame excuse but I feel like I can only do that story justice if I rewrite all three of the stories. There are so many plot point where I failed to maintain continuity. Those stories where a wonderful learning process though and they mean a lot to me. For a while after that I focused on shorter stories.

I had heard about this Nanowrimo thing and I was intrigued. I think I first heard about it back in 2008 or maybe even 2007. But I figured that I could never do it … so I let November go by without participating. Then for some reason, I am not exactly sure why I decided to participate in 2009. I know that you’re supposed to write an original story but I wasn’t ready for that. So I wrote an NCIS/Criminal Minds crossover ‘Of past rejection and future loyalty’. And I won, I did. I was so proud like you wouldn’t believe it! Now don’t go looking for that story … you won’t find it. There are still chapters which need to be written and revisions to be made. But I do hope to post that story one day on Even if both of my main characters are no longer part of the regular cast of either shows.

In 2010 I participated again, and I won again …. with minutes to spare I have to admit. I wrote ‘Forces of Nature’ it’s another fanfiction. A Criminal Minds based fanfiction and my very first Emily/JJ fic. I loved writing it, I had a lot of fun. I wrote a ton of scenes but there was no real storyline. I was struggling to keep the story going … honestly the story wasn’t going at all. I had the big plot points in my head but not how to get from A to Z. I loved the general idea of the story so much that I attempted to do a rewrite of this story in 2011. Another challenge which I won, but this story also is in dire need of revisions and things like that.

Last year in 2012 I participated with my first original story. The story is called ‘Mirrorland’ and I finished in time but just barely. I think that I hit 50 000 with an hour on the clock or something like that. But my story wasn’t finished, in fact it was far from it. One of the problems was that I was always used to writing fanfiction in which you have these wonderful characters all laid out for you with a back story and all to which you could just add your own things. But the base is there and I didn’t think things through before I started writing the story. There where actually a couple of important things which I didn’t think about before November 1st.

So this year I am actually preparing to rewrite my original story and I have thought about the different aspects of it a bit more as well as developed the storyline and the characters. I am ready for Nanowrimo to start, of course I can always do more preparation but if November first was tomorrow I would be fine with that too. I feel really confident, I know that I can make it this year no doubt about it. Maybe I can even make it with more than just an hour to spare. We’ll see how that goes once November has started but I am feeling good about it.


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